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A summary of recent childcare news plus resources, updates and behind the scenes at Minding Kids!

As we head into February, the shortest month of the year, it can feel like we’re still bundled up in the winter chill. But fear not, this month also brings with it a burst of warmth, in the form of Valentine’s Day celebrations, exciting learning opportunities, and the unique quirk of a leap year!

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In the News…

🧠Children’s Mental Health Week

This week (5th-11th February) is Children’s Mental Health Week and this year’s theme “My Voice Matters” focuses on empowering children to express themselves. As childcare providers, we play a crucial role in fostering their emotional well-being and giving them a safe space to share their feelings.

Through a variety of activities, we can promote open communication and self-expression. Here are some ideas to try:

  • Create “feelings charts” where children can visually express their emotions.
  • Host a “storytelling circle” where children can share stories, poems, or even just silly jokes.
  • Encourage creative activities like drawing, painting, or music to allow children to process emotions non-verbally.
  • Play “emotion charades” to help children identify and understand different feelings.
  • Have open conversations about mental health, acknowledging that everyone experiences ups and downs.

👉🏽Learn more about Children’s Mental Health Week here.

🌟And dig into these resources to promote learning around feelings and emotions, build on communication skills and support self esteem: 

Feelings & Emotions Activity Pack

All About ME Workbook Advert


🛜Safer Internet Day

Also this week.. This year’s theme for Safer Internet Day “Inspiring change? Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online,” reminded us of our shared responsibility to create a safe and positive online environment for all children.

What do you do in your setting to help protect children and equip them with the skills they need to be responsible and safe digital citizens?

Here are some ideas:

  • Age-appropriate discussions: Talk to children about the importance of online safety, cyberbullying, and responsible online behaviour. Encourage them to share any concerns they might have.
  • Creative activities: Get creative with posters, slogans, or role-playing scenarios to reinforce key messages about online safety.
  • Check out Safer Internet Day‘s website for resources and activities.

As part of our child protection procedures, we must also have a clear policy in place regarding internet safety and the use of electronic devices.

🌟Our Policies & Procedures Pack includes template policies for Internet Safety and Electronic Devices, Social Media, Mobile Phone, Camera and Photographs and Television, Streaming and Games Console. Edit them as you require to suit your setting and circumstances!


💷Poverty Concerns

A recent report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) paints a concerning picture of child poverty in the UK, with 3 in 10 children living below the poverty line. Rising living costs and inadequate benefits are continuing to push more families into poverty and the number of families experiencing destitution, the most severe form of poverty, have more than doubled since 2017.

As the general election looms, the JRF has issued a plea to political parties, urging them to tackle the deeply ingrained issue of poverty with immediate action. They propose implementing an “Essentials Guarantee” within Universal Credit that will guarantee everyone a minimum level of support to cover basic needs like food and utilities.

As childcare providers we can help to support vulnerable children and families. Here’s how we can make a difference:

  • Be aware of the signs of child poverty and its potential impact.
  • Provide a safe and nurturing environment where children feel valued and supported.
  • Advocate for policies that address child poverty and ensure all children have equal opportunities.
  • Connect families with relevant resources and support services.

👉🏽Read more about the Joseph Rowntree Foundation in this Nursery World article


For providers registered in Scotland (Care Inspectorate)…. 

📆Annual Returns

Each year the Care Inspectorate asks all service providers to complete an annual return to assist with keeping records up to date and inspection planning. The valuable statistics collected help to gain an overall insight into childcare provision in Scotland which can then be shared appropriately with other organisations such as the Scottish Government and the Scottish Social Services Council. All registered providers are required to complete a return, even services which are currently inactive. You should refer to their frequently asked questions document or contact the Care Inspectorate if you have any questions or concerns.

⚠️If you have not already done so, you must complete your annual return by Sunday 17th  March and can do so via the online eForms system here.


📕Shared Inspection Framework

In November the Care Inspectorate and Education Scotland published a draft version of the new Shared Inspection Framework. A consultation on the new framework was extended and the Scottish Childminding Association have responded with concern that it is not yet ‘fit for purpose’. Their primary concern being that the framework still adopts a generic ‘one size fits all’ approach and caters mainly to preschool and nursery environments, neglecting the distinct requirements of childminders. The new framework will be implemented from September 2024 with further details of delivery and testing expected to be announced soon.

👉🏽You can find the draft Shared Inspection Framework here and read the SCMA Response here

🌟Find Inspection Support Resources HERE


♻️Funding Follows the Child Operating Guidance UPDATED

In December updates were made to the Funding Follows the Child and National Standard Operating Guidance, the policy framework for the provision of funded early learning and childcare. The update consists mainly of language clarifications, new resources, and links, but also includes service improvement schedule changes.

👉🏽If you already offer or are considering offering funded placements in the future, you can check the updated guidance here.

🌟Our Approved ELC Provider – Childminder Checklist is designed to assist childminders registered in Scotland understand and meet the criteria set out in The National Standard. 



 📢‘HGIOELC’ No longer a requirement for Funded Provider Childminders

In efforts to reduce the level of paperwork and duplicative quality assurance for childminders, the Scottish Government have confirmed that funded provider childminders are no longer required to self-evaluate against Education Scotland’s ‘How Good is Our ELC’. Childminders should continue to use the Care Inspectorate’s Quality Framework until the implementation of the Shared Inspection Framework later this year.

👉🏽Find further information about this important update on the SCMA website.

🌟Find Self-Evaluation Support Resources HERE

Self-Evaluation & Improvement Plan (SCOTLAND)1


🙋🏽‍♀️Safe Staffing

If you employ staff or assistants, you must prepare for the implementation of the Health and Care (Staffing) (Scotland) Act 2019 in April 2024.

The new legislation, is the first of its kind in the UK and will set requirements for safe staffing for both health and care services.

The aims of the Act are to enable:

  • children to experience safe and high-quality care
  • staffing that supports improved outcomes for children
  • a culture that promotes the wellbeing of staff.

👉🏽Find further information and bitesize videos in the Care Inspectorate Hub.

🌟For resources to assist with recruitment and staff management, download our Childminder Assistant Employment Pack

Assistant Employment Pack


For providers registered in England (Ofsted)….

🤦🏽‍♀️Funding Challenges

As providers prepare for the upcoming expansion of funded childcare from April, there continues to be a great deal of concern and confusion as to how it can be successfully implemented. While many welcome the potential for increased demand and wider accessibility, questions about financial sustainability, administrative burden, and competition remain unanswered. The Department for Education has now made clear to all local authorities that funding rates for April must be confirmed no later than the end of February however there are still concerns about covering rising costs and ensuring a decent living wage. If you are choosing to offer funded places in your setting, it is important that you are clear on the process to be followed in your area and that parents are clear on their responsibilities. If you are unsure, check with your local authority to ensure you and parents do not miss out!

🌟You may be interested in the following resources to support the delivery of funded hours in your setting and ensure clear communication with parents:

Funded Hours Policy – Policies & Procedures Pack

Funded Hours Contract & Funded Hours Agreement – Childcare Contracts Pack

And our Invoices, Receipts and Letterheads will allow you to create professional invoices clearly setting out fees due, additional charges or deductions for funded placements.

Invoices, Receipts & Letterheads_AD


🏔️‘Do Something Big’ childcare recruitment campaign

The Department of Education has launched a national recruitment campaign with an aim to ‘increase capacity, tackle unemployment, and offer more childcare places’ in preparation for the first phase of the largest ever expansion in ‘free’ childcare. The ‘Do Something Big’ recruitment campaign offers a £1,000 tax-free sign-on bonus for early years professionals joining or returning to the sector, however only 20 local authorities are taking part in the trial.

👉🏽Find details of the recruitment campaign here

📍The local authorities taking part in the trial are listed in this Nursery World article

 🌟Minding Kids can help too! If you are New to Childminding? – Start Here


🆕New EYFS for Childminders

In January the Department for Education published 2 revised frameworks, the EYFS statutory framework for childminders and the EYFS statutory framework for group and school-based providers. You must ensure you are using the latest edition of the framework that applies to your childcare setting.

👉🏽Find the revised EYFS Frameworks here

🌟To assist with the changes and meeting statutory requirements we have published updates to the following resources:

FREE Legislation Checklist_EYFS


📕Ofsted Updates – Early Years Handbook

Reflecting changes outlined by Ofsted in response to the Coroner’s report on the tragic death of headteacher Ruth Perry, a new section has been added to the Early years inspection handbook to clarify that inspectors may pause an inspection when there is a ‘significant’ event involving a member of staff or a child, or ‘significant’ concerns about leaders’ welfare. The updated handbook also includes new guidance on how inspectors should consider the wellbeing of leaders and staff during an inspection, along with further wording changes and clarification of inspector conduct.

👉🏽The revised guidance and a summary of the changes can be found here

🌟Find Inspection Support Resources HERE

Learning Walk Plan


 For providers registered in Wales (Care Inspectorate Wales)….

📆Self-Assessment of Service Statement (SASS)

All childcare and play services, including childminders in Wales (registered before 31 December 2023) must complete a Self-Assessment of Service Statement (SASS) by 15th March 2024. A legal requirement for Registered Persons and Responsible Individuals, the online SASS form provided Care Inspectorate Wales with information which allows them to plan inspections and target support appropriately.

Providers registered after 31st  December 2023 are not required to complete their SASS this year.

Providers registered before 31st  January 2023 must also upload their Quality of Care Review as part of their SASS.

👉🏽Find further information and how to complete your SASS here

👉🏽Find information and guidance on completing a Quality of Care Review here

🌟Find Self-Evaluation Support Resources HERE


📃Professional Registration of the workforce

A consultation on the Professional registration of the childcare and playwork workforce is underway by the Welsh Government. Views on whether there should be a workforce register and who should be included on that register are being sought from those already managing or working in the sector.

👉🏽Find full details of the consultation which ends on 7th March 2024 here

 Since our Autumn Newsletter we have added and updated the following resources…

Seasonal Planning Sheets UPDATED for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter 2024! – Manage your setting Season to Season for the whole year ahead!

Seasonal Planning Sheets

Self-Evaluation & Improvement Plans– A perfect support tool for self-evaluation and preparing for inspection!

NEW Self-Evaluation & Improvement Plans

Halloween Activity Ideas Sheet – Design REFRESHED! – Keep the kids busy and have fun learning about HALLOWEEN

2024 Activity Planner – Plan out your topics and themes for the entire year!

2024 Activity Planner

2024 Multicultural Calendar – Perfect for long term planning and teaching children about festivals, cultures, traditions and awareness days from all over the world!

St Andrew’s Day Activity Ideas Sheet – Learn about the Patron Saint of Scotland, Scottish traditions, the Loch Ness Monster, Castles, Bagpipes, Tartan, Haggis and more!

St Andrew’s Day Activity Ideas

Lunchtime Learning Plans – Transform lunchtimes into valuable learning opportunities!

Lunchtime Learning Plans Advert

Christmas Activity Ideas Sheet Design REFRESHED! – Enjoy seasonal crafts and games and explore the joy of the festive season using all your senses!

Christmas Activity Ideas

2024 Monthly Planner✔Keep track of special dates and celebrations ✔Plan topics, themes, outings and visits ✔Note children’s interests ✔Schedule activities ⭐Set Goals, Targets and Reminders.

EYFS 2024 UPDATES! – Checklists and Policies updated in line with the New 2024 Childminder Framework


FREE Childminder Checklists – Updated for 2024! – CHECK you have all the ESSENTIALS in place!

FREE Childminder Checklists

 We have also discussed:

🔴The importance of Preventing Bullying

🔴How The Right Ratios Ensure a Safe Nurturing Environment

Plus provided: 

Awesome Autumn Activity Ideas

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So far we have covered:

👣Step 1 – Plan for the year ahead

👣Step 2 – Prioritise 

👣Step 3 – Check!

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Behind the scenes…

⚙️New Platform

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⭐Help Us Shine: Be an App Insider!

We are seeking out existing app users to help with the testing phase before we relaunch the platform. In return for a sneaky peak of the new stuff, testers will assist us in ensuring we identify and resolve any technical glitches before relaunching to the masses! Happy to help? Please get in touch!


🪄Resource Work

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👀Coming Soon…

👣Step 4 – Taking on 2024 together Share!

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