Assistant Employment Pack BURSTING with more!

Great news if you are a childminder who employs an assistant or if you run a nursery, school club or other large childcare setting…we have added MORE to our Childminder Assistant Employment Pack!

In addition to the pack’s job advertisement and recruitment resources, we have now added items to the pack that will assist with staff procedure and setting management. Following requests from our very helpful customers and members, the following items have been added to the pack:

  • Staff Disciplinary Procedure 
  • Staff Sickness Policy 
  • Staff Profile Form – Summarise each staff member’s skills, qualifications and experience.

plus we have updated the Record Of Work / Time Sheet to include times that staff members are in sole charge of children.

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NEW – The Enormous Turnip Activity Pack!

Thanks to my wonderful sister Fiona at Kids Club English , we have another exciting activity pack to add to the collection!

Perfect for the harvest season, The Enormous Turnip Activity Pack can be used with or without the story to support learning about people, animals, colours and numbers, whilst also building on literacy and vocabulary skills.

Includes ALL of the following:

  • Storytelling Cards
  • Colouring Sheets
  • Counting Sheets
  •  Numbers Jigsaw
  • Story Wheel Craft
  • Sequencing Fan
  • Display Crafts
  • Roleplay masks / Puppets
  • Writing Paper
  • Matching Cards
  • Mini-Cards
  • Flash Cards
Detailed instructions and activity suggestions for each section ALSO INCLUDED!

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New Improved Access For Members!

Fantastic News for MindingKids Members!

We have made some improvements to the website so members can now access ALL of the downloads via the product description pages!

Simply browse through the shop pages at your leisure and download any resource immediately via the links in the download area. Alternatively, you can still access everything from the downloads tab of your Account manager.

We hope these improvements will make downloading resources a much smoother process and improve overall user experience.

MindingKids Members have UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL our OUTSTANDING Resources!

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NEW Fees & Funded Hours Policies!

With the introduction of the new funded hours schemes and the various methods available for paying for childcare, it is essential that you make clear to parents the terms and costs involved and what help might be available to them.

We have now added a Fees Policy and a Funded Hours Policy to our Policies & Procedures Pack!

Parents must understand from the beginning of any childcare arrangement, whether or not you offer funded sessions, how these are delivered and how any additional hours or costs will be charged.

We have also revised our Late Payment Of Fees Policy to include a Help With Childcare Costs section

PLUS added an Updates & Reviews Sheet so you can easily keep track of any changes to your policies and ensure they are regularly reviewed.

NEW All About Shapes Poster Display!

Allow children to explore shapes, learn about their properties and discover two and three dimensions. Use as individual posters / information sheets or assemble together to create a fascinating display to brighten up your setting.

Involve children in the creation of your display then test their knowledge of shapes with the shape worksheet and snap cards also provided.

Find full details of the All About Shapes Poster Display HERE!

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We have an All About Colours Poster Display too…

Find full details of the All About Colours Poster Display HERE!

NEW Funded Hours Contracts!

Are you getting ready to offer the new 30 hours funding or do you already offer funded childcare within your setting?

for example through the existing schemes (15 hours), childcare vouchers or via local college / university student funding


We have now added a Funded Hours Contract Template and a Funded Hours Agreement to our Childminding Contracts Pack to help you record important information from the outset of any funded arrangement. Keep it clear which hours are being funded, which authority or organisation is providing the funding and ensure parents are kept informed of any additional costs.

We have also added a Funded Hours Invoice to the Invoices & Receipts Pack. Provide parents with professional invoices showing all funded hours alongside any additional hours and charges.

AND… Choose the customisation option to personalise your contracts and invoices with your business name and logo!

This service is FREE to all Gold & Platinum Members! Contact us for further details!

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and HERE for full details of the Invoices & Receipts Pack (Also included in the Accounts Pack)

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NEW Health Care Plans

Do you provide care for a child with specific health care requirements, for example do you look after children who have allergies, suffer from asthma, experience seizures, require a special diet or have a medical condition requiring specialist care?

We have now put together Health Care Plans that will help you to organise essential health care information and ensure good communication between parents, carers and health care professionals.

4 versions of Health Care Plans are provided:
  • Individual Health Care Plan – for any health / medical condition
  • Asthma Care Plan 
  • Allergy & Anaphylaxis 
  • Seizure Care Plan

Plus additional sheets to support special dietary requirements or where specialist equipment is used.

AND a Care Plan Review Record to keep track of each time a care plan is reviewed or updated with new information.

Feel confident that you have all the important information to hand, know what to do in an emergency and reassure parents that you can offer their child the care and support required.

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