REVISED Child Protection / Safeguarding Policy & NEW Terrorist Attack Policy

We have now revised and improved our Child Protection / Safeguarding Policy template. The template now includes detailed descriptions of the various forms of abuse, the symptoms that we must look out for and the procedures we must follow should we ever suspect a child may be at risk of harm. The policy template also contains reference to FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), The Prevent Duty and Peer on Peer Abuse.


In light of recent events, we have also added a Terrorist Attack / National Emergency Policy template to our Policies & Procedures Pack. We sincerely hope that none of you will ever have to put this into practice but it is extremely important that  childcare providers have a procedure in place for dealing with such situations.

CLICK HERE to find the REVISED Child Protection / Safeguarding policy template and the NEW Terrorist Attack / National Emergency Policy template in our Policies & Procedures Pack.

All Policies & Procedures are supplied as Microsoft Word documents – Easily edit each file as you require to suit your own business!

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NEW Risk Assessment Templates!

Following requests from our very helpful members and customers, we have now added a further two useful risk assessment templates to the Risk Assessments Pack!

Exception To Ratios

The majority of childminders are permitted to care for up to six children under the age of eight at any one time. Of these six children, a maximum of three may be young children and only one may be under 12 months old. There are however circumstances that can arise where childcare providers may want to request an exception to these ratios for example to provide care for sibling babies or to maintain continuity of care for children already attending the setting.

We have added an Exception To Ratios Risk Assessment template to help you to assess any additional risks that must be considered as a result of the exception.

You may also find the Ratio Management Chart useful for helping to manage your ratios.


Do you keep pets at your setting? This template will help you to assess any additional risks.

You may also find the Pet Policy Template within the Policies & Procedures Pack helpful.


New BLANK Setting and Outing Templates have also been added to help you assess other areas or places you visit regularly or intend to take children to on an outing.

CLICK HERE for full details of the updated Risk Assessment Pack!

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Ready For Registration Resources!

Are you looking to enter the exciting world of childminding but getting lost with what you need or feel confused with the registration process?

Have no fear… MindingKids is here to help!

We have several resources that will help you sale through registration and get you well on your way to running a successful, high quality childcare service including FREE Step by Step Registration Guides, FREE Document Check-Lists and EXAMPLE ANSWERS to help you prepare for your registration visit.

Our FREE Guides, Registration Visit EXAMPLE ANSWERS and FREE Document Check-Lists have been recently updated!

Click on the images below to find out more…





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NEW Sports And Leisure Activity Pack!

Perfect for supporting children with active and healthy lifestyles this NEW Sports And Leisure Activity Pack has been added to MindingKids collection.

Created by Fiona Hunter of Kids Club English this pack is focused on sports and leisure vocabulary whilst also giving children the opportunity to learn about different sport and leisure activities, consider their interests, make choices and explore their emotions.

Through following activities in the pack, children are also encouraged to listen and follow instructionsmaintain concentration on a given task, talk about themselves, learn about others and develop social skills.

Contains 180 pages of information and resource templates:

  • Sports and Leisure Flipbook
  • Sports and Leisure Fan
  • Sports and Leisure Wordsearches
  • Spinner Card Game
  • Dominoes
  • Matching Cards
  • Mini Cards
  • Flash Cards

Detailed instructions, activity suggestions and descriptions for each section ALSO INCLUDED!

CLICK HERE for full details of the Sports And Leisure Activity Pack!

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NEW Parent & Child Leaver’s Questionnaires

It is vitally important to collect regular feedback from parents, carers and children to see how well our service is meeting their needs and highlight areas where improvements can be made.

Questionnaires can provide an excellent way of demonstrating service user satisfaction to inspectors or prospective parents!

Not only is it useful obtain this information from families while they are using your service but it can also be beneficial to collect feedback from families as they leave or move on to new settings.

In addition to the Settling In, Service Quality and Children’s Questionnaires, we have now added Parent and Child Leaver’s Questionnaires to the Parent & Child Questionnaires Pack.

…AND have also created another version of this pack suitable for use in NURSERY settings!

Click HERE for full details of the Parent & Child Questionnaires Pack.

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NEW Features to MindingKids WEB APP!

YIPPEE!… We have been working hard with our developers behind the scenes and are excited to announce the arrival of some new features to the MindingKids Web App!

In addition to it’s current functions that allow app users to:

·    Plan Schedules

·    Complete Daily Diaries

·    Record Attendance

·    Log Events (Accidents / Incidents, medication, Visitors, etc.)

·    Make Observations…

…then Share Activity Reports with parents at the click of a button.

We have now enhanced the Observation Recording capabilities of the app so that users can now link observations directly to EYFS Outcomes, Characteristics Of Effective Learning, Curriculum For Excellence or the SHANARRI Wellbeing Indicators!

Not only this but there is now the added feature of creating Observation Outcome Reports!

Tracking Development Progress has never been so easy!

The example below shows how the app can be used to quickly generate a summary of development progress and achievements. The example includes EYFS outcomes but GIRFEC / SHANARRI, Characteristics Of Effective Learning and Curriculum For Excellence Outcomes can also be included. Simply select what you want the report to display!

Example Outcomes Report

We have also added a more prominent reply button to the Activity Reports to encourage parents or carers to reply with comments and feedback…

PLUS enabled the app to hold multiple email address contacts for each child so that reports can be sent to both parents or other adults responsible for their care.

Platinum Members can log into their account now to explore the new features.

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Further details of the Web App’s features can be found in the App-Guide.

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FREE Document Check-Lists UPDATED!

Great news everyone… we have now updated our FREE Document Check-Lists!



Is your paperwork up to date? Do you have everything in place to meet requirements?

We have now updated our check-lists to make it even easier for you to see whether you have all the necessary documents in place to meet requirements and offer a high quality care service that will impress parents and inspectors!

Click below to download your FREE copy today…

FREE Document Check-List – Ofsted
FREE Document Check-List – Care Inspectorate

Click on the links within the checklists for further assistance with each document!

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NEW Emergency & Alternative Care Policy

Do you have a procedure in place for when an emergency occurs or when the unexpected happens?

What if you or a family member is ill? What if you had no running water or your gas or electric stopped working? What would happen in the event of a flood, fire or other emergency? How could you offer alternative childcare arrangements?

And… are there times where you might require to leave minded children to be supervised by someone else for a few minutes whilst you deal with a situation, for example changing a child at a play group or speaking with a school teacher? How will you ensure that children are safe?

We have been advised by some of our very helpful customers that this is an area inspectors are asking about… so we have now added an Emergency & Alternative Care Policy template to our Policies & Procedures Pack!

As with all of our policy templates, this new policy can be edited as you require to suit your own business and circumstances.

Click HERE for full details of our Policies & Procedures Pack!

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NEW All About SCHEMAS Sheets!

What are Schemas? …and how can we use them in our planning to support children’s learning and development?

We have put together these helpful information sheets which explain the concept of schemas and why it can be beneficial to support children with them in their play. The sheets also show how to spot the different kinds of schema and give examples of activities you could offer to complement each type.

Click here for full details of the All About SCHEMAS Sheets!

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