Frequently Asked Questions / Help Page


How do I make a purchase? 

To purchase any item (digital download, cd, printed or FREE Resource) simply click on the blue purchase button to add the item to your cart. When you are ready to proceed to the checkout, click on the blue checkout button or the checkout link at the top of the page. You can also view / edit the items in your cart through this link at any time before proceeding with payment.

Fill in the required Personal Information, Credit Card and Billing Details in order to proceed with your purchase.

For FREE Resources, only an email address and first name is required.

How do I retrieve my purchased files?

Following payment, you will be taken to the Purchase Confirmation page where you can click on the link(s) provided to download your files. You will also be sent a purchase confirmation email containing links to download your purchased files. (This email is in addition to a payment receipt email). If you need further assistance with zip files, please refer to the section below.

When making a purchase, please take care to enter your email address correctly and double check your spam folder if you do not receive the confirmation / receipt emails.

Alternatively you can log in to the Account manager on the website to download your purchased files. You will receive log in information via email following your first purchase / free purchase from the site. (If you cannot find this you can enter your email address and click on the link to reset your password – again double check your spam folder if you do not receive the password reset email link).  Once logged in, click on the Downloads tab to access your files. Remember to save files in a safe place on your computer / device!

Please note, for security purposes, links to download purchases will expire after 14 days. You will not be permitted to download the item once this time has expired. Only MindingKids Members have unlimited access to all of the files, Please contact us should you require further assistance.

I have not received my purchase confirmation email / receipt. What do I do?

If you have not received your purchase confirmation or receipt email, please check your Spam / Junk folders.

If it is not there, please contact us and we will check your email address details.

When will my CD / Printed Calendar arrive?

CD Orders will be posted out via Royal Mail 1st class post and are usually dispatched within 1 to 2 working days. (Please allow a little extra time around public holidays.) Printed resources / calendars may take a little longer to arrive. Please refer to the further details section on the product description page for estimated delivery times.


Resource Downloads

I have purchased a download but cannot access the files? / Zip Files??

Many of MindingKids product downloads are provided as Zip Files. A Zip File is a compressed file which contains one or more files or folders. MindingKids likes to use Zip Files as they allow customers to download complete packs of organised information, keeping all related files and folders together.

Using a PC / laptop, to open a Zip File, you will require to have Zip Extract software installed. The majority of PCs and laptops already have a Zip Extract inbuilt, in which case, one saved to your PC / laptop, the Zip File can be opened by double clicking on it. Alternatively, you can right-click on the Zip File and select ‘extract all’ or ‘unzip’. The Zip File should then open to reveal the files and folders it contains. If the Zip File does not open then you may need to download Zip Extract software. There are several Zip Extracts available and many are free to download (e.g. WinZip, 7Zip).

On an iPad, tablet, or smart phone if you don’t already have one installed, search your app store for a zip extract (e.g. iZip, AndroZip), again many are free to download. Once installed, download and open your purchased files by selecting ‘open in’ and choose the zip extract app you have installed.

Still having trouble? Please contact us and we will do our best to assist.

PDF Forms – I cannot type into them? 

Many of our resources are PDF Forms which allow you to type information into them (within the designated fields) before printing or re-saving as you require. Please note that the actual form layouts cannot be altered, however we are happy to help with minor amendments where required. If you find you cannot type information into PDF forms then you may require to install a PDF viewer that permits the use of forms. Adobe Reader DC is a popular one that will work on any device. There are different pricing options available but the reader version is Free and is adequate for completing and saving forms. You will find details here:


I cannot find the resource I am looking for / I am looking for a custom-made resource? 

If you are looking for a specific resource the search tool on the shop page may help you find what you need. If you need further assistance or would like to request a custom order, please contact us and we will try our very best to help.

We are always looking for fresh ideas and opportunities for the business so any suggestions are always useful.



What are the benefits of MindingKids Membership?

MindingKids Gold and Platinum Member have UNLIMITED ACCESS to all of MindingKids product downloads PLUS the latest resources as they become available. Platinum members can also make full use of the MindingKids App. Full details of membership benefits and pricing can be found here.

How do I become a MindingKids Member?

To sign up for Membership, go to Account on the main menu and click on the Memberships tab. Select which membership option you would prefer then simply fill in your details and click ‘Sign Up’. Remember you can upgrade to Platinum, downgrade to Gold, suspend, or withdraw your membership at any time.

You will receive a welcome email with your username and password for you to login to your account. Please check your spam / junk folder if you have not received your welcome email. Simply click on the Downloads tab in the account manager to access all downloads. Platinum Members can access the App by clicking on ‘App‘ in the main menu.

I am trying to sign up for membership / a free trial of the App but I am getting an error message saying my email address / username is already in use? 

If you have previously purchased or downloaded free resources, then your email address will already be registered on our system. You must log in with your details (provided in welcome email following initial purchase) on the Account page first before selecting a subscription package. If you cannot find or remember your log in details, you can log in using your email address and select the option to reset your password. Please check your spam folder if you do not receive the reset link email. If you need any further assistance with the sign up process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I am a MindingKids member – How do I access the downloads?

MindingKids Members  can access all downloads by logging in on the ‘Account‘ page with their username and password then going to the ‘Downloads‘ tab where all the download links are listed. Alternatively, files may be downloaded by clicking on the links in the Download area of each product description page.

Please note that there are some packs for sale on the website (e.g The BIG Business Bundles, the Learning & Development Packs and the Paperwork Start-Up Pack) These are value packs made up of bundles of other resources. Whilst you will not see the titles of these packs listed under the downloads tab, you will see all of the individual packs that they contain, e.g. Policies & Procedures, Risk Assessments, etc.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

Go to Account and click on ‘Lost Password?’ You can then enter your user name or email address and request to reset your password. Please double check your spam folder if you do not receive the email link.

How do I upgrade, suspend or cancel my membership? 

To upgrade, cancel or suspend your membership, simply go to the Memberships tab of your account manager, click on the required option and follow the instructions.

My debit/credit card is due to expire / has expired. How do I update my card payment details?

To update your card details for your subscription payments, please log into your account and go to the memberships tab. Here you should find an option to ‘update’ next to any valid subscriptions. Click on this and follow the instructions to change your card details.

If your card has already expired and your membership payment has failed, your access to member areas will have stopped. Please contact us for further assistance.

I have purchased resources but now wish to become a member. Do I get a discount? 

MindingKids is happy to discount the price of any purchase(s) you have made within the last 30 days (up to the value of £30) off of the membership sign up fee. Simply contact us with details of your recent purchase and quote UPGRADE TO MEMBERSHIP to receive your unique discount code.

Note: this offer is only valid for 30 days from original purchase.  


MindingKids App

What is the MindingKids App?

The MindingKids App is a digital tool designed to assist professional childcare providers manage and record daily events, observe and track learning and development progress, and securely communicate this information with parents and carers. The App can be used to complete daily diaries, plan schedules, record attendance information, log events (accidents/incidents, medication, visitors, etc.), make development observations and email activity reports to parents. Please refer to the App-Guide for further details of it’s features and benefits.

How can I access the MindingKids App?

The App can be accessed via the MindingKids website using a computer, tablet or smart phone (apple or android). Following one week’s free trial, you will be prompted to sign up for Platinum Membership. The Platinum Membership package will grant you all the benefits of Gold Membership, including immediate unlimited access to ALL MindingKids downloads, PLUS continued access of the MindingKids App.

Click HERE to try the app for free.


Contact & Further Assistance

Should you require any further information or assistance, we can be contacted via our website contact form, by email at contact@mindingkids.co.uk or by post at the registered office address 73 Seafield Road, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, DD5 3AL.

MindingKids can also be contacted through Facebook or Twitter.

I have contacted MindingKids but received no response. What do I do?

We aim to respond to emails and contact form messages within 24 hours. If you have not received a reply within 2 to 3 working days, please check your Spam / Junk folders.