🎁It’s Give Something Away Day! – Be a WINNER with Minding Kids!

Today (15th July) is Give Something Away Day! A day dedicated to spreading kindness and generosity. Here at Minding Kids, we’re all about supporting childcare providers and educators. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our NEW free downloadable activity sheet to Spark Olympic Fun! Packed with engaging ideas for movement, teamwork, creativity, and learning, this […]

NEW Development Pathways Pocket Cards!

Master Early Years Development with key milestones and guidance at your fingertips! Supporting children’s development in the early years is paramount. But staying on top of key milestones and effectively monitoring progress can feel overwhelming. We’re thrilled to announce a new addition to our Learning & Development support resources: the Development Pathways (0 to 3) […]

Building Stronger Partnerships: Why Parent Feedback Matters

As childcare providers, we dedicate ourselves to nurturing young minds and fostering a safe, stimulating environment for children to thrive. But how do we know we’re truly hitting the mark? Here’s where regular feedback from parents and carers becomes an invaluable tool. Why Feedback Matters Regularly gathering feedback allows you to see your service through […]

Personalised Learning Journeys Made Easy

Juggling record-keeping with fostering a nurturing environment can feel overwhelming for busy childcare professionals. You know the importance of documenting children’s progress, but finding a system that works for you, your setting, and each unique child can be a challenge. Here at Minding Kids, we empower childminders and early years settings to create personalised learning […]

Fun Activities to Spark School Readiness!

With summer approaching, many of our little ones are about to embark on a big adventure: starting school! It’s a time of excitement and curiosity, but also maybe a few butterflies in their tummies. As childcare providers, we can be a fantastic support system, making this transition smooth and joyful for both children and families. […]

Supercharge Safety in Your Setting: Child Safety Week

Child Safety Week, a fantastic initiative by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), reminds us of our crucial role in keeping young children safe. This week is a perfect opportunity to review our practices and minimise potential hazards in our childcare settings. Essential Safety Practices: 💊Medication: Store any medication securely, with clear instructions. Only administer […]

Make Every Day Count: Celebrating National Numeracy Day in Early Years!

National Numeracy Day is a fantastic opportunity to focus on the importance of numeracy skills in young children. But numeracy isn’t just about memorising numbers! It’s about building a foundation for understanding and applying math concepts in everyday life. The good news? You can nurture these skills throughout your daily routines and activities! Here are […]