Activities for Earth Day!🌎

Earth Day is a fantastic opportunity to nurture a love for our planet but planning engaging activities can feel overwhelming. Fear not, fellow childcare providers! Minding Kids is here to equip you with creative ways to spark curiosity about the environment and introduce the concept of climate change in an age-appropriate way. Empower Young Eco-Warriors: […]

💷New Tax Year: Essential Tips for Childminders!

It’s that time again – a brand new tax year is upon us! Keeping on top of finances is crucial for your childcare business and this year brings some key changes to be aware of: Funded Hours Expansion: Offering funded hours for the first time, or seeing an increase in funded children? Ensure you and […]

Empowering Healthy Habits in Your Childcare Setting!🌍Celebrate World Health Day

This year’s World Health Day, with its theme “My health, my right,” reminds us of the importance of fostering healthy habits in children. As childcare providers, we play a crucial role in nurturing this right! Supercharge your World Health Day with these downloadable resources: Healthy Eating Pack: Packed with tips on promoting healthy choices, managing […]

♾️Sensory Challenges? Conquer them with our NEW Sensory Support Sheets!

Just in time for Autism Awareness Month (April), we’re thrilled to unveil a valuable new resource for educators and childcare professionals: The Sensory Support Sheets! Does your setting feel overwhelmed by sensory challenges? Do some children struggle with loud noises, bright lights, or certain textures? You’re not alone! Sensory processing difficulties can make learning environments […]

Egg-cellent Easter Activities (and More Spring Fun!)

Packed with learning fun and linked to learning areas for easy planning… Download our FREE Easter Activity Ideas Sheet! Keep little ones engaged all Easter long! 👉🏽Click HERE to download yours for FREE! 👀Looking for MORE Spring Learning Adventures? We’ve got baskets full: 🐛Explore Nature & Minibeasts: Discover the wonders of spring with bug hunts and […]

💦Water Play for World Water Day

On 22nd March we celebrate World Water Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of water and advocating for sustainable water management. For little learners, water isn’t just a valuable resource – it’s a magical world of exploration and discovery! As childcare providers, we can use water play as a springboard to celebrate […]

Why Record Keeping is Essential for YOUR Childcare Business

Forget the “chore” mentality! Logging information is an investment in children’s well-being. It empowers you to communicate effectively, make informed decisions, and build a childcare service parents can trust. As a dedicated childcare provider, your top priority is the safety and well-being of the children entrusted to your care. Effective record-keeping is crucial to achieving […]

🌟NEW Setting Poster Pack!

Brighten Your Childcare Setting with our NEW All-Inclusive Poster Pack! This comprehensive collection of childcare posters will help you to Welcome Families, Share Essential Information and Showcase your Learning Approach! Includes EDITABLE versions and Learning Framework Displays! Includes ALL of the following: 👋🏽Welcome Poster 🎓Our Curriculum 🔍What We’re Learning 🏠Home Learning Ideas 🎒Essentials to Pack […]

🆓FREE March MADness Learning Fun!

Gear up for March with a burst of excitement! Spring is just around the corner, and we’re here to help you celebrate with a month of fun. Unleash your inner MADness (March Activity Delight!) with our free downloadable activity sheets, packed with creative ideas for everyone. St David’s Day – 1st March  Mother’s Day – 10th March […]