NEW Funded Care Provision – Revised Fee Structure Letter template!

Revised Fees Notification Letters

To assist providers with preparations for the expansion of childcare support from April 2024 we have added to our Revised Fees Notification Letters Pack

👉🏽DOWNLOAD the NEW Revised Fee Structure – Funded Care Provision Letter template HERE! 

An essential resource to inform parents, ensure a smooth transition, and secure your business’s sustainability!

As more local authorities confirm funding rates ahead of the upcoming expansion of childcare support, now is the time to crunch your numbers and formally notifiy parents of upcoming changes.

Our Revised Fees Notification Letter templates allow you to formally notify families of any changes to your fees structure in a professional manner.

Use the NEW Funded Care Provision Letter template to:

  • Provide parents with important information regarding Help with childcare costs
  • Clarify how funded care sessions are to be delivered in YOUR setting
  • Set down essential conditions to be met in order for you to deliver the funded entitlement
  • Confirm changes to your fee structure and the date of implementation

Whilst this can be an uncomfortable discussion to have with families, the continued success of your childcare business very much depends on your ability to to offer high quality care at an affordable price.

👉🏽Find full details of the Revised Fees Notification Letters Pack HERE!

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