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Managing your accounts

As a self-employed childminder, you are responsible for your own Income Tax and National Insurance contributions. You must register as self-employed with HMRC and keep records of your income and expenditure so as you can complete your annual self-assessment tax return.

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Preparing for Inspection

Preparing for Inspection

Whilst you may know you are due an inspection, not all inspections are announced so you should always make sure you are organised just in case!

Whether it is your first inspection or you have had several before, it is in your best interests to ensure you are prepared.

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Supporting School Readiness

Supporting School Readiness

Starting school is one of the most significant milestones in a child’s life. A mixture of emotions ranging from joy and excitement to anxiety, fear and sadness will be felt not only by the children but by their parents and families too.

As childcare providers, we have an important role to play in supporting children and families with this significant change and can help in a variety of ways…

afeguarding & Child Protection

Safeguarding & Child Protection

As a childcare provider you have a duty to protect all children in your care and must be aware of a variety of child protection issues and the measures we can put in place to protect children from harm. Are you doing all that you can?

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Understanding GDPR

If you have never heard of GDPR OR if you have… but don’t quite understand what it means for you and your childcare business then you need to read this!

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