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Looking to start up a childcare business? Already an established registered childcare provider? MindingKids has bundles of OUTSTANDING RESOURCES to help you!

Whether you are stuck on how to write policies, confused about tracking development or need some activity planning inspiration, Minding Kids has resources for ALL childcare professionals, leaving more time to ‘mind kids’ and have fun!

Dig into our Downloads or Explore our App to find flexible solutions that work best for you, your setting and the children and families you provide care for.

Why use MindingKids?

We know that managing a professional childcare service is hard work! Our personal experience has taught us some important lessons…

🔑Being organised is key to ensuring your service delivers high quality care. Finding efficient ways to plan, keep on top of paperwork and manage your setting is absolutely essential! 

➰Staying in the loop really helps when it comes to understanding guidance and what’s HOT in childcare. By keeping up to date you can verify your practices and always be inspection ready.  

🌟Every childcare service is unique…and so is each child and family that uses it. The solutions you choose to manage and organise your service must be right for YOU and everyone involved. 

Inspired by these challenges MindingKids has created a variety of online tools to support providers offering a flexible approach that can be adapted to suit any childcare setting. 

Browse our resource shop to instantly access our downloads via your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Edit documents to suit your requirements, make use of our customisation service to add an extra professional touch and keep up to date with News and HOT Topics

Pay only for the resources you require or become a MindingKids member for UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL MindingKids resources!

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In addition to our OUTSTANDING Resources we also offer the MindingKids App!

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✔️Save time

✔️Meet requirements 

✔️Monitor Development Progress

✔️Improve Parent Communication 

Supports EYFS, Curriculum For Excellence, GIRFEC / SHANARRI and Curriculum for Wales!

See how the MK App could be the Perfect Companion for your OUTSTANDING childcare business! 

Data Protection & Security

The privacy of your personal information is extremely important to us. At MindingKids we follow strict procedures to ensure your data is secure and is processed in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can read more about our data protection procedures in our Privacy Notice.

MindingKids website and Web App is hosted by Bytemark, a highly reputable hosting company based in the UK who implement the highest level of security settings. Using MindingKids you can be confident that your work and personal data is safe.


Who is behind MindingKids?

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Hello! I am Cheryl, a very proud mum of three and the founder of Minding Kids! 

After starting a family I decided to take a career ‘break’ and registered as a childminder so that I could enjoy precious time with my little ones whilst also bringing in a wage. WOW what a life changer it turned out to be!

When I first started out, like many, I was overwhelmed with record keeping, attending training courses, planning and preparing activities, not to mention actually caring for children and looking after my own family! I learned very quickly that organisation was the key and designed my own paperwork system to keep everything in order and up to date. I was given an incredible amount of positive feedback about my paperwork and quality of my service both from inspectors, parents of minded children and other fellow childcare professionals. Proud of what I had achieved, I decided to use my own experience to help others and set up MindingKids!…That was 10 years ago! 

Today I work full time on the business and am as passionate as ever in doing what I can to support others on their childcare journey. 

Please feel free to browse through the website and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions. 

I wish you the very best of luck and to be happy MindingKids!