Logbooks & Forms Pack

All the Logbooks required to run a well-organised, successful childcare business! The Logbooks & Forms in this pack will assist you in recording, checking and communicating essential information in a professional manner. Pay once to create as many copies as you require!
NURSERY & CARE CLUB versions also available!

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NOW updated and improved! Includes NEW Illness Record, Physical Intervention Record AND Drop Offs / Collections Register! 

Nursery & Care Club version also available!

All the Logbooks required to run a well-organised, successful childcare business!

As a registered childcare provider, you are required to keep certain records in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all children, families, staff or anyone else who regularly attends your setting.

In addition to checking and documenting events in order to meet safeguarding requirements, records also assist in clear communication with parents, information reporting to relevant authorities, and very importantly act as evidence that you are meeting requirements.

The Logbooks & Forms in this pack will assist you in recording, checking and communicating essential information in a professional manner.

Provided as PDF Forms, you can choose to click into the logbooks and form templates to complete digitally, or print them out to fill in by hand and request parents to sign as required.

This pack contains ALL of the following:     

  • Attendance Register (3 versions) 
  • Record of Accidents & Incidents
  • Record of Existing Injuries
  • Safeguarding – Record of Concerns
  • Physical Intervention Record
  • Illness Record
  • Record of Medication Administered
  • Fire Drill Record & Safety Checks
  • Record of Visitors
  • Record of Compliments & Feedback
  • Record of Complaints
  • Logbook FRONT COVERS 

AND Logbooks & Forms Pack User Guide!

Find full details of each section below…


All childcare providers must keep a record of attendance for all children being cared for on the premises. The record must include the names and hours of attendance for each child.

Attendance RegisterAttendance RegisterAttendance RegisterAttendance Register

Three versions of attendance register are included in this pack; Weekly (All Children), Monthly (Single Child) or including Drop Offs / Collections for children who attend school or nursery for part of the day. Simply select the version most appropriate for your service.

For other methods of recording attendance, please see the Excel Attendance Registers included in the Accounts PackAutomatically calculate the hours attended for each child and what fees are due.

OR try the MindingKids App – Record and calculate attendance using your computer, tablet or phone.    



Any accidents or incidents that occur in your setting must be recorded. This form may be used to record situations which have been detrimental to the health or welfare of any child, family or staff member using the service or where anyone has been put at risk. Examples include accidents resulting in serious injury, a lost child, medication administered incorrectly or an allergic reaction.

Record of Accidents & IncidentsRecord of Accidents & IncidentsRecord of Accidents & Incidents

Records should include a detailed description of the accident / incident, injuries sustained, any first aid treatment /medical intervention, follow up procedures and planned actions to prevent such an incident occurring again.



If a child arrives at your setting with an injury that has occurred at home or whilst not in your care, this should be recorded.

Existing InjuriesExisting InjuriesExisting Injuries

This form will assist you in following appropriate Child Protection / Safeguarding Procedures and act as evidence should you ever be questioned over a child being injured whist in your care.



As a childcare provider you have a responsibility to ensure the safety and welfare of all children in your care. Use this form to record any concerns regarding the safety and welfare of a child.

Safeguarding - Record of ConcernsSafeguarding - Record of ConcernsSafeguarding - Record of Concerns

This form will assist you in following appropriate Child Protection / Safeguarding Procedures.

Please refer to the Policies & Procedures Pack for an Child Protection / Safeguarding Policy template.



This form may be used to record incidents where physical intervention has been used in order to prevent children from injuring themselves, injuring others or damaging property.

Physical Intervention RecordPhysical Intervention RecordPhysical Intervention Record

Should a child be injured as a result or a complaint be made, this form may be used as evidence to the incident and why physical intervention was used.



Should a child become unwell whilst in your care, you must follow appropriate procedures in order to ensure the child’s comfort, notify parents and where necessary isolate other children in order to prevent the spread of infection. This form will allow you to record details regarding the onset of the illness, what was done to comfort and reassure the child, any infection prevention measures implemented and any follow up action required.

Illness RecordIllness RecordIllness Record

This form will assist you in following appropriate Illness and Infection Prevention Procedures.



A parental permission form must be signed before ANY type of medication can be administered to a child. Please refer to the Care Plans & Consents Pack for Prescribed and Non-Prescribed Medication consent forms.

Use this form to record when ANY medication (prescribed or non-prescribed) is administered to a child. Parents / Carers must sign the record each day to acknowledge the doses and times of administration.

Record of MedicationRecord of Medication

This form will assist you in following appropriate Use, Storage and Administration of Medication Procedures.



In order to ensure the safety of all children, families and staff, you must have an emergency evacuation procedure in place which should be practised regularly. Use this Fire Drill Record to evident this and this Safety Check log to record your checks on equipment and any actions required.

Fire Drill & Safety ChecksFire Drill & Safety ChecksFire Drill & Safety Checks



As a Safeguarding requirement, you are required to keep a record of all visitors to your setting during your hours of work. Use this form to record any visitors to your setting and the purpose of their visit.

Record of VisitorsRecord of Visitors

The Note to Visitors section can be edited as required to suit your settings policies.



It is extremely useful to keep a record of compliments and feedback that you receive from families regarding your service. This can be used to show on inspection as evidence of the quality of service you provide.

Provide parents and carers with this Compliments & Feedback form on regular occasions, perhaps along with a Seasonal Newsletter or Questionnaire to give them lots of opportunities to share their experiences.

Compliments & FeedbackCompliments & Feedback

This form will assist you with regularly evaluating the quality of your service.



Unfortunately, there may also be occasions where you receive a complaint or concern about your service. All childcare settings should have a complaints procedure in place to explain how any concerns or complaints will be dealt with and should also include contact details for the provider’s registration body (Ofsted / The Care Inspectorate).

Use this Complaint Record form to record any complaints along with the outcome and actions taken.

Record of ComplaintsRecord of ComplaintsRecord of Complaints

It may also be useful to provide parents and carers with this Complaint Form should they wish to make a formal complaint.

Complaint FormComplaint Form

These forms will assist you in following appropriate Complaints Procedures.

Please see the Further Details tab above for file format and supply information.
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    Thank you for keeping my paper work neat, straightforward and easy for my Inspector to follow along with taking the stress out of creating a whole load of paperwork.
    I will keep using Minding Kids to update paperwork and for information updates.
    Great job & I can highly recommended you!

    Thank you for your feedback.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback Maggie! I am so glad to hear that you find MindingKids resources useful. The positive response from your inspector is also wonderful, I am pleased our resources helped you to impress! Please do keep in touch and let me know if there is anything at all you would like me to create or help you with.
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    All Logbooks and Forms are supplied as PDF Forms. Simply save to your computer then click in each area to enter information, or print out and fill in by hand.

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