Taking on 2024 together 👣Step 3 – Check!

FREE Childminder Checklists

Keeping up-to-date with legilsation and guidance is crucial as a childcare provider.

As well as meeting regulatory requirements, staying in the loop with the latest best practices ensures child safety and enables you to provide the highest quality of care.

It is therefore vital that you regularly CHECK you have all the ESSENTIALS in place!

🌟UPDATED for 2024 our Childminder Checklists are available to DOWNLOAD for FREE!

Use our FREE Document Checklists to work through requirements and care standards and ensure you have put everything in place to deliver high quality care.

FREE Childminder Document Checklist_WALES

OR use the Checklist Summary as a quick reference guide with everything you need listed on one A4 sheet!

Scottish Childminder Checklist Summary_JAN 2024EYFS Checklist SummaryWelsh Childminder Checklist Summary

Check our FREE Legislation & Guidance Lists for links to current guidance documents, legislation and support resources.

FREE Legislation Checklist_SCOTLANDFREE Legislation Checklist_EYFS

OR use the Legislation & Guidance Chart as a quick reference guide:

Scottish Childminder - Legislation & Guidance CHART_JAN 2024EYFS Childminder - Legislation & Guidance CHARTWelsh Childminder - Legislation & Guidance CHART

Instantly access the information you require!

👉🏼Find the FREE Scottish Childminder Checklists HERE

👉🏼Find the FREE EYFS (English) Childminder Checklists HERE

👉🏼Find the FREE Welsh Childminder Checklists HERE

 👀MORE things to CHECK…

✅Care Plan Information

Do you have up to date information for all children and families? It is vital that you check regularly that details are up to date including emergency contacts, dietary information, medical requirements or additional support needs.

Our Care Plans & Consents Pack has everything you need to collect essential information from children and families and request necessary permissions with professional care plans and consent forms.

Care Plans & Consents Pack

✅Emergency Contact Details

Ensure you always have essential emergency contact details and medical information to hand with these Child Information / Emergency Contact Cards.

Child Information / Emergency Cards

👉Visit our Setting Management section for more resources to help you to manage and organise your professional childcare service.

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