⭐NEW! EYFS (Profile) Learning and Development Summary

EYFS (Profile) Learning and Development Summary


Completing the updates to our EYFS Learning & Development Pack VALUE BUNDLE our NEW EYFS (Profile) Learning and Development Summary is NOW AVAILABLE!

In accordance with the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, the EYFS Profile must be completed for each child in the final term of the year in which the child reaches age five, and no later than 30 June in that term.

The purpose of the profile is to provide a well-rounded picture of a child’s knowledge, understanding and abilities, their attainment against expected levels, and their readiness for year 1.  Completion will assist in recognising the child’s strengths, any areas where progress is less than expected, if there are significant emerging concerns, or whether any special educational needs or disabilities have been identified.  

Use this form to complete a comprehensive learning and development profile summary for children in your setting and plan for the next steps to support their progress.

EYFS 2021 (Profile)EYFS 2021 (Profile) EYFS 2021 (Profile)

For blended placements or where the EYFS profile report is to be completed at school or other setting, this resource also works as an excellent communication document to share with parents and other professionals involved or to support transition when a child moves on to school or a new setting.

Supplied as a PDF Form the EYFS (Profile) Learning and Development Summary may be completed and shared digitally using a computer, tablet or smart or printed out and completed by hand.

✔Add further comments

✔Request input from any other professionals involved

✔Highlight any areas of specific concern and state any planned actions

✔Add ideas to further support the child’s learning both at the setting and at home.

✔Allow parents to add their own comments then sign to acknowledge they have read and received a copy of the report.

Also includes Examples and User Guide!

Find FULL Details of the NEW EYFS (Profile) Learning and Development Summary HERE!

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