Holiday Care Contract & Forms

Holiday Care Contract & Forms

As the end of the school year approaches you may be looking to organise attendance and fill spaces over the summer holidays. 

Providing Holiday Care Sessions can be an excellent way of topping up your income…
  • Fill spaces that would otherwise lie empty whilst term time only children are not in attendance.
  • Offer extra hours to children who would normally be in school or attend nursery for part of the day.
  • Provide holiday care camps to fill your spaces and introduce new families to your service.

However you manage your setting during the school holidays, it is important that you set out professional arrangements for all children… especially those who are not otherwise covered by a full time contract. 

Our Holiday Care Contract & Forms Pack will ensure you have all the paperwork required to provide holiday care.


  • Holiday Care Booking Forms
  • Holiday Care Contract (CUSTOMISATION option also available – add your business name & logo!)
  • Holiday Care Consent Form

Plus completed examples for all forms!

Holiday Care Booking FormHoliday Care Consent Form page1Holiday Care Consent Form page2

CLICK HERE for full details of our Holiday Care Contract & Forms!

And find our Childminding Contracts Pack HERE:

Put in place Professional Childcare Contracts for all children in your care.  Includes Term Time / Holiday Hours, Temporary, Retainer and Funded Hours Contract Forms! CUSTOMISATION option also available – add your business name & logo!

All packs are available to DOWNLOAD individually or ACCESS EVERYTHING via Minding Kids Membership!

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