Supporting School Readiness – After Lockdown

Supporting School Readiness

As childcare providers, we have an important role to play in supporting children and families prepare for starting school. 

With so much uncertainty as to what school will look like after the coronavirus lockdown, it is understandable that families will be feeling particularly anxious. How can we help parents prepare their little one for this significant milestone?

We have now updated our Supporting School Readiness HOT TOPIC.

CLICK HERE for ideas and links to resources that will help relieve anxieties and equip children with the skills they need to be school ready. 

Dig into these resources for fun ways to prepare for school: 

My Teacher is a Monster Activity Pack

Or, if you have a little one who is moving on to a nursery setting, this Getting Ready for Nursery Workbook is great to help them understand and look forward to the changes ahead: 

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