NEW & IMPROVED – Parent & Child Questionnaires!

It is a requirement for childcare settings to regularly self evaluate and action plan.

Collecting regular feedback from children and families is essential for self evaluation and to assess user satisfaction.

We have now added to and improved our Parent & Child Questionnaires to include a NEW Beginner’s Questionnaire and NEW School Aged Child Service Quality Questionnaire!

Versions available to suit Childminders, Nurseries, Childcare Settings & Clubs!

Beginner's QuestionnaireBeginners Questionnaire 2

School Aged Child QuestionnaireSchool Aged Questionnaire 2

Involving children and parents with your service evaluation procedures can have many benefits including:

  • Gathering new ideas and inspiration to further enhance your service
  • Highlighting areas where improvements are needed
  • Ensuring children and families feel important and included
  • Encouraging children and parents to be more actively involved
  • Demonstrating service user satisfaction to inspectors and prospective families

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that children and parents are “Delighted with the quality of service you provide!”

Our Parent & Child Questionnaires Pack includes ALL of the following:
  • *NEW Beginner’s Questionnaire
  • Settling In Questionnaire
  • Child Service Quality Questionnaire
  • *NEW School Aged Child Service Quality Questionnaire
  • Parent Service Quality Questionnaire 
  • Parent & Child Leaver’s Questionnaires

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