Five Senses Activity Pack


Bursting full with activities this pack will help children to learn all about our five senses and how we can explore the world through sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell!

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Bursting full with activities this pack will help children to learn all about our five senses and how we can explore the world through sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell!

With ideas to cover all of the development areas, you will never be short of things to do to support learning and encourage next steps!

This pack includes all of the following:

Five Senses Fact Sheets

Learn all about how our amazing bodies detect and use our five senses to explore the world around us!

Five Senses Activity Ideas Sheets

This sheet links activity ideas to each of the development areas. Gather loads of inspiration for your Five Senses theme!

PLUS separate activity sheets for each of the five senses…

Activity Plans & Evaluation Sheets

Follow these activity plans or create your own for more detailed activity planning.

Great for showing inspectors how you plan activities, observe learning progress and support children with their next steps!

3 completed activity plans with example evaluations are included in this pack:

  • Potions and Perfumes
  • Touch and Feel Bags
  • Five Senses Discovery Trail

Completed plans cover resources required, activity description, appropriate ages for activity, areas of learning covered and learning and development focus ideas.

Evaluation sheets include name and date of activity, children taking part, evaluation description, best bits and worst bits about the activity and further / future ideas.

Blank activity plan and evaluations sheets also included to create and evaluate your own activity plans.

Five Senses Record Sheets & Worksheets

Children can go on a Sound Safari or a Five Senses Discovery Trail. Excellent activities to encourage children to look closely at their surroundings, nature and the environment, and describe what they can find. Children will learn how they can record and share information using these fun record sheets.

These fun worksheets also provide more ways to help children practice their, reading, writing, pencil control skills and to learn more about the five senses!

Picture Cards

Picture cards can be used in a variety of ways:

  • To help children learn about the five senses, which body parts we use to detect them and the variety of sensations we can experience.
  • For word recognition and literacy skills
  • Use two sets of cards to play snap or memory games (turning over one card at a time and remembering where it is in order to match it with it’s pair).
  • To test children’s knowledge, e.g. Match a sense or body part to an object or sensation.


Five Senses Card Game

This fun game will encourage children to learn about and communicate their knowledge of the five senses, help to develop social skills through playing together and taking turns and use their counting and number skills through rolling the dice and counting the number of cards they have won at the end of the game.

Game rules and cards also included! 

Sensational About Senses Certificate

After all of these exciting activities, the children will have had lots of fun and at the same time learned about their fives senses and how we rely on them and use them to explore the world around us. They will also learn how we might like or dislike different things from one another.  Reward them with a special certificate to take home!


Further Details 

The blank Activity Plan and Evaluation Sheets are provided as PDF Forms. Simply click in each area to add information or to tick the learning areas covered, or if you prefer, print out and complete by hand.

All other resources in this pack are provided as standard PDF files and are not editable.

For best results MindingKids recommends that you laminate the picture cards, fact sheets, activity sheets and Five Senses Card Game so as they can be used again and again. Laminating materials are not included.

The download version of this pack is supplied as a ZIP FILE. Please see the FAQ page for further information.  

This item has been carefully designed to assist childcarers in meeting both English Ofsted and Scottish Care Inspectorate requirements!

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£5.95 – Add to Cart Includes 20% tax


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