People Who Help Us Activity Pack


This pack is bursting full with activities to keep children busy and help them learn about people who help us and emergency situations! Includes ACTIVITY PLANS & EXAMPLE EVALUATIONS!

This pack is bursting full with activities to keep children busy and help them learn all about people who help us and emergency situations!

With ideas to cover all of the development areas, you will never be short of things to do to support learning and encourage next steps!

This pack includes all of the following:

People Who Help Us Activity Ideas Sheet

People Who Help Us Activity Ideas

Links activity ideas to each of the development areas. Gather loads of inspiration for your People Who Help Us theme!

Activity Plans & Evaluation Sheets

Great for showing inspectors how you plan activities, observe children and plan next steps to support learning!

Activity Plan - Teddy Bear Emergency

3 completed activity plans with example evaluations are included in this pack:

  • Teddy Bear Emergency
  • Exploring Finger Prints
  • Firefighter Obstacle Course

Completed plans cover resources required, activity description, appropriate ages for activity, useful links, areas of learning covered and learning and development focus ideas.

Evaluation sheets include name and date of activity, children taking part, evaluation description, best bits and worst bits about the activity and further / future ideas.

Blank activity plan and evaluations sheets also included to create and evaluate your own activity plans.

All About Sheets

All About Doctors All About Firefighters All About Paramedics All About Police

Learn all about the roles of people who help us and the emergency services.

Record & Report Sheets

Crime Report Finger Print Record Fire Report Medical Examination

Children can pretend to be a police officer, detective, firefighter, nurse or doctor and complete these records and reports. An excellent role play resource!

People Who Help Us Worksheets

All About Me-Emergency Details_BOYSomeone who helps me

Fire Rescue - Which Window  Nurse Medicine Administration_Colour Sorting Pencil Control Postman Letter Sorting Tool Match Up WordsearchLearning Letters & Sounds_1Learning Letters & Sounds_2Learning Letters & Sounds_3

Use these fun worksheets to help children practice their counting, reading, writing, pencil control skills and to learn more about people who help us!

Picture Cards

Picture Cards1 Picture Cards2 Picture Cards3

Picture cards can be used in a variety of ways:

  • To help children learn about and identify various occupations and people who help us.
  • For word recognition and literacy skills
  • Use two sets of cards to play snap or memory games (turning over one card at a time and remembering where it is in order to match it with it’s pair).
  • To test children’s knowledge (Show me someone who could fix a car, etc.)

Job Description & Equipment Cards

Picture Cards_equipment1Picture Cards_equipment2Picture Cards_equipment3Description Cards_1 Description Cards_2 Description Cards_3

Use these Equipment and Job Description Cards along with the Picture Cards above to play games with children.

Can they correctly match the characters to the correct pieces of equipment and job descriptions?

Using the equipment cards and picture cards, take turns to turn over two cards each. Who can collect the most pairs?


Further Details 

The blank Activity Plan and Evaluation Sheets are provided as PDF Forms. Simply click in each area to add information or to tick the learning areas covered, or if you prefer, print out and complete by hand.

The Record & Report Sheets are also provided as PDF Forms so can be completed digitally if desired. All other resources in this pack are provided as standard PDF files and are not editable.

For best results MindingKids recommends that you laminate the picture cards, equipment and job description cards so as they can be used again and again. Laminating materials are not included.

The download version of this pack is supplied as a ZIP FILE. Please see the FAQ page for further information.  

This item has been carefully designed to assist childcarers in meeting both English Ofsted and Scottish Care Inspectorate requirements!


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