Supercharge Safety in Your Setting: Child Safety Week

Supercharge Safety in Your Setting Child Safety Week

Child Safety Week, a fantastic initiative by the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT), reminds us of our crucial role in keeping young children safe. This week is a perfect opportunity to review our practices and minimise potential hazards in our childcare settings.

Essential Safety Practices:

💊Medication: Store any medication securely, with clear instructions. Only administer medication with parental consent.

🧹Cleaning Products: Keep all cleaning products out of reach, opting for child-safe alternatives whenever possible.

🔥Fire Safety: Regularly check smoke detectors and ensure escape routes are clear. Teach children basic fire safety practices like “Stop, Drop, and Roll.”

🤕Preventing Trips & Falls: Remove clutter from walkways, secure electrical cords, and ensure rugs lie flat with non-slip backing.

🍽️Food Safety: Maintain proper hygiene when handling food, store food at appropriate temperatures, and be aware of potential allergies. Supervise children closely when eating and ensure food is served appropriately to avoid choking.

⚠️Choking Hazards: Be mindful of small objects that could pose a choking risk, especially for younger children.

🧸Safe Toys: Regularly inspect toys for damage and ensure they are age-appropriate. Supervise children closely when playing outdoors.

🐶Pet Safety: Supervise interactions between children and pets. Teach children gentle handling techniques and ensure pets are up-to-date on vaccinations.


Proactive Measures: The Foundation of Safety

The key to minimising hazards lies in a proactive approach. Regularly conducting risk assessments allows you to identify potential dangers in your childcare setting before they become accidents.  Complement this with daily safety checks to ensure everything remains secure.  Don’t stop there! Regularly review your health and safety procedures to ensure they are up-to-date and effective.  By keeping staff and families informed of these procedures, you create a safety net where everyone is aware of their role in keeping children safe.


Safety Essentials at Your Fingertips

👉🏽Risk Assessments Pack

Risk Assessments Pack

Downloadable templates to help you:

  • Evaluate risks in your setting.
  • Note down actions taken to ensure safety.
  • Consider learning benefits alongside risk management.
  • Address risks associated with travel, outings, pets, overnight care, and exceptions to childcare ratios.
  • Edit and personalise the templates to suit your specific setting.

👉🏽Policies & Procedures Pack

Ensure everyone is aware of protocols for medication administration, fire safety drills, managing allergies, and more.

👉🏽Daily Risk Assessments & Safety Checks

Daily Risk Assessments & Safety Checks

This FREE checklist will help you ensure your setting is safe and hazard-free every day.

👉🏽Safety Guidelines Chart

Safety Guidelines Chart

A FREE summary of steps to prevent accidents, based on advice from the Child Accident Prevention Trust.

👉🏽First Aid Pocket Cards

FIRST AID Pocket Cards Advert

Know how to respond in an emergency with essential paediatric first aid information at your fingertips!


✨The CAPT website offers more safety advice, free resources, and tips for managing real risks to children’s safety.

By staying vigilant and using these resources effectively, we can create nurturing and safe environments where children can thrive. Let’s make Child Safety Week a springboard for our ongoing commitment to keeping our precious little ones safe!

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