📢SHARE and SHOUT about the OUTSTANDING service you provide!

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👣Step 4 – Taking on 2024 together

This year we are helping you Take On 2024 One Step at a Time

In 👣Step 1 we Planned for the year ahead, with a selection of resources to keep you on track.

In 👣Step 2 we Prioritised to ensure important tasks were tackled first.

and in 👣Step 3 we helped you CHECK up-to-date legislation and best practices with our FREE Childminder Checklists – UPDATED for 2024!

NOW it is time to SHARE information about your setting and SHOUT about the OUTSTANDING service you provide!

Our Service Information & Marketing Pack can help you Market your business, fill spaces and provide families with important information about your childcare service.

Service Information & Marketing Pack_AD

✔️Attract potential families with eye-catching Posters, Leaflets and Flyers

✔️Share your contact details with professional looking Business Cards

✔️Manage enquiries…and prepare for Welcome Meetings, and…

✔️Communicate important information about your childcare service through a comprehensive Service Information Booklet!

🌟Now includes Help with Childcare Costs section to assist providers with preparations for the expansion of childcare support from April 2024.

👉🏽Enquire about our Customisation Service to add your own logo image and further personalise to suit your individual circumstances.

 👀MORE things to SHARE..

📢Setting Procedures

It is essential that parents, carers, and any staff or assistants you employ, are made aware of, understand and follow your setting procedures.

Use our Policies & Procedures Pack to create a comprehensive Policies Booklet for YOUR professional childcare service!

⭐Includes Policy Links to The Health and Social Care Standards (SCOTLAND), Early Years Foundation Stage 2024 (ENGLAND) and the National Minimum Standards for Regulated Childcare for children up to the age of 12 years (WALES)

📢Children’s Routines and Activities

Parents love to hear of how their child has spent their day. Sharing daily routine information encourages two-way interaction, strengthens relationships with families, and enables the best outcomes for children.

Keep parents informed of children’s activities, care experience and learning via Childcare Contact Diaries

Childcare Contact Diaries

OR the Minding Kids APP!

The MindingKids App is a digital tool designed to assist professional childcare providers manage and record daily events, observe and track learning and development progress, and securely communicate this information with parents and carers.

👉🏽CLICK HERE to try the APP for FREE!

📢Important Information

It is essential that we remember to pass on important information to parents. How can we ensure communication is not lost or forgotten after a busy day?

Our Parent Notes and Reminders are perfect to complete quickly, ready to hand to parents or to pop into children’s bags or diaries.

Parent Notes & Reminders

Includes ALL of the following: 

  • Head Bump Note
  • First Aid Note
  • Late Payment Reminder
  • Holiday Reminder
  • Please Provide Note
  • Change of Clothes Note
  • Behaviour & Emotions Note – Happy Face
  • Behaviour & Emotions Note – Sad Face
  • Information Note
  • Reminder Note

and our Newsletter Template Pack can be used in a variety of ways to keep families informed. 

Newsletter Template Pack

Newsletters are a great way of regularly sharing information and ensuring good communication with families… something Inspectors love to see!

👉Visit our Sharing Information section for more resources to help you share essential information with families and promote the professional care service you provide.

or…become a MindingKids member for UNLIMITED ACCESS to ALL our OUTSTANDING Resources!

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