NEW Beach Risk Assessment! – Summer Safety Outdoors

Beach Risk Assessment

😎With the Summer Holidays already here, or just round the corner, many of us may be planning some special outings, visits or outdoor experiences.

Whether you are considering a trip to the park, a walk in the woods, a picnic or a day at the beach, it is vital that you take time to consider the risks involved and take necessary precautions to keep everyone safe.

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A NEW Beach Risk Assessment template has been added to our Risk Assessments Pack alongside our other Outings Risk Assessment templates.

  • All Outings
  • Play Park
  • Playgroup
  • Soft Play
  • Travelling  by Car
  • Walking
  • Picnic
  • Outing to the Woods

Download and edit all templates as you require to suit your setting and circumstances.

Our Activity Risk / Benefit Assessment templates will also help you consider the risks and benefits to other outdoor play experiences popular in the warmer weather.

Find editable examples for:

  • Outdoor / Active Play – ride on toys, large play equipment and parks, trampoline, den building, climbing trees
  • Arts & Crafts – painting, using glue, using scissors / tools / sharp objects, arts and crafts accessories
  • Messy & Sensory Play – water, sand, malleable play resources (clay, dough, gloop, etc)
  • Loose Parts Play – twigs, acorns, bottles, coins, stones, tyres, boxes, feathers, corks, etc
  • Paddling Pool

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And our Risk / Benefit Posters are excellent for displaying in your setting and sharing with children and families demonstrating how children can benefit from various types of play.

🌞More Summer Safety Considerations…

We must also give further consideration to the safety procedures we have in place during the summer months, when we are more likely to be out and about and enjoying the warmer weather.

🌞How do we keep children safe in the sun?

🌳How do we ensure children are given opportunities every day to be active and explore outside in a safe environment?

⚠Are we clear on the procedures to follow in the event of an accident or incident?

📣What would we do in the event of a child going missing or becoming lost?

📞Do we have access to up to date emergency contact information, even when away from the setting?

👉Find policy templates to cover all of the above in the Policies & Procedures Pack!

Edit as you require to suit your setting and circumstances.

👀Purchase the Risk Assessments Pack, the Policies & Procedures Pack and the Risk / Benefit Posters as individual downloads…


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