⭐NEW EYFS Outcomes for MK APP!

New EYFS Outcomes for MK App

In preparation for the NEW EYFS Framework which will be statutory for all Early Years providers in ENGLAND from September, we have added new EYFS Outcomes to the MindingKids APP!

NEW EYFS Example1

✅Link observations and activities for individual children OR for your entire group to the areas of learning and development, whilst considering the characteristics of effective teaching and learning.

Check children’s progress against Prime Area Checkpoints and Observation Statements from the Development Matters (2020) guidance,

Add photographs and next step ideas to support progress towards the Early Learning Goals.

NEW EYFS Example5NEW EYFS Example2

The NEW EYFS outcomes provide a flexible approach to recording observation information allowing you add as much or as little information as you like.

Record an activity against one of the 7 learning areas or characteristics of effective teaching and learning, against a certain aspect within that area, or to a specific observation statement, checkpoint or goal.

NEW EYFS Example4

⭐Create Observation Outcome Reports to keep comprehensive records of children’s development and achievements, Share learning with parents AND demonstrate how you follow the principles of the early years guidance. 

Again you can include as much or as little information as you like by using the app options to determine what information you would like the report to display. 

NEW EYFS Example6

REMEMBER: Observation Outcomes should not be used as tick lists. They are there to guide you in considering and supporting children’s progress and to remind you of development milestones to be looking for within each learning area. Children should not be expected to meet every single outcome.

The MK App also supports Realising the Ambition, SHANARRI and Curriculum for Excellence, for providers in Scotland!

The perfect companion for your OUTSTANDING childcare business…

✔ Manage Daily Tasks & Schedules
✔ Record Attendance
✔ Complete Daily Diaries
✔ Log Events (Accidents/Incidents/Medication/Visitors)
✔ Make Individual or Group Observations – Linking to Development Outcomes
✔ Track Learning & Development Progress via Outcome Reports

⭐…AND securely share Activity Reports with Parents, keeping them informed of their child’s day, activities, special moments, and learning and development progress.

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