Happy Earth Day! FREE Activity Ideas!

Earth Day Activity Ideas Sheet

During a time of massive uncertainty for the entire planet, we must not forget another very real crisis that is affecting us ALL…climate change.

🌎Today is Earth Day!🌍

A day dedicated to spreading awareness of environmental issues in an attempt to reverse environmental destruction and stop global warming. 

For the majority, the way we live just now has been forced to change massively due to the coronavirus crisis.

Why not use this week as the perfect opportunity to reflect on what we are doing now and consider how we can carry on more environmentally friendly changes after the lockdown.

Get the kids involved and make it FUN!

Earth Day Activity Ideas Sheet

Download this FREE Earth Day Activity Ideas Sheet for bundles of educational activity ideas to help children to learn about the importance of caring for our planet.

Use in your setting or SHARE with parents as an inspirational Home Learning Resource!

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