Healthy Eating Pack


A Bumper Pack bursting with resources to assist you with planning meals and snacks, obtaining and managing ALLERGEN information, teaching children about healthy choices, cooking safely and maintaining good food hygiene.
Also suitable for NURSERY settings!

Childcare providers have a responsibility to ensure that all children in their care are provided with a well-balanced diet. Children must be made aware of healthy choices and why it is important to look after our bodies. Recent legislation enforced by the Food Standards Agency also requires all food businesses to know what allergens are contained within the food they provide.

This bumper pack has been put together using information from ‘Setting the Table, Nutritional Guidance for early years childcare providers in Scotland’, Nutritional Guidelines for the under 5’s and the Food Standards Agency website.

This pack will assist you in:

  • Sharing information about healthy eating, allergen management and food provision in your setting.
  • Planning healthy meals and snacks
  • Checking you are providing children with their recommended daily allowances
  • Obtaining and managing allergen information
  • Involving children in fun healthy eating activities
  • Teaching children about eating healthily and looking after our bodies
  • Maintaining good food hygiene and cooking safely
Also suitable for use in NURSERY settings!
This pack contains all of the following:


Menu Planning Resources

Healthy Eating Charts (1 to 5 years and 6 to 12 years)

Healthy Eating Chart_1 to 5 years  Healthy Eating Chart_6 to 12 years

Ensure children are getting their recommended daily allowance from each food group and be clearer on portion size.

Baby Weaning Chart


Remind yourself of the foods babies can eat depending on their age and which foods to avoid! (This chart is also included in the Baby Care Pack)

Menu Planner

Menu Planner  Menu Planner+Tea_EXAMPLE_1

Plan out meals and snacks for the week ahead. Supplied as a PDF Form you can simply click in each area to add information or, if you prefer, print out and fill in by hand. 2 versions of Menu Planner are included, one which includes an evening meal and one without.

Completed Examples included. Excellent ideas for healthy meal and snack choices!

Meal & Snack List

Loads more ideas for healthy meals and snacks! Supplied as a Microsoft word document, you can edit or add to this list as you wish. Use in your information to parents to inform them about the food choices you offer in your setting.


Managing Allergens Resources

Allergen Poster

Allergen Poster

Display in your setting to demonstrate your awareness of the 14 main allergens.

Allergen Questionnaire

Allergen Questionnaire_Page_1

Use this questionnaire to obtain essential allergen information for each child in your care. Supplied as a PDF Form you can edit the text at the top as you wish to suit your own setting. Keep with each child’s personal care plan and review every 6 months. Nursery version also included.

Allergen & Intolerance Checker

Allergy & Intollerance Checker

See which children have allergies or intolerances to which foods on one handy chart. Display in your kitchen to use as a quick reference guide.

Allergen Menu Checker

Allergen Menu Checker  Allergen Menu Checker_Main_EXAMPLE

Use this menu checker to double check and keep a handy reference guide to all the allergens contained in your settings meals and snacks. This information should also be made available to parents on request.

Completed examples given as per example menu planners for breakfast, light meals, main meals, dessert and snack choices.


Activities and Involving Children

Recipe Cards

Recipe Cards_Main_EXAMPLE_1  Recipe Cards_Light_EXAMPLE_1  Recipe Cards_Dessert_EXAMPLE_1  Recipe Book Cover

Get the children involved in cooking and let them help you with the preparation of meals and snacks. Fill in these cards with your setting’s favourite recipes and note down ideas of how you a get the children involved. Include allergen information and whether or not each recipe is suitable for vegetarians or vegans. Laminate each completed card or put your own cook book together! (Attractive front cover also supplied). Why not add photos of children cooking and helping in the kitchen? An excellent resource to share with children, parents and inspectors!

Food Flash Cards

Flash CardsUse these flash cards in a number of ways to help children recognise and learn about different types of foods. Print out and laminate then use the sorting sheets and challenge children to distinguish between fruit and vegetables, sort into the different food groups or tell you where the food comes from. Print out 3 or 4 sets of the cards to play a game of healthy eating snap.

Sorting Cards

Healthy Eating Activity Planner

Healthy Eating Activity Ideas

Some more fun activity ideas to help children learn about healthy choices and caring for our bodies. Links activity ideas to the areas of learning and development!


Food Hygiene & Cooking Safely

Fridge & Freezer Temperature Log

Fridge & Freezer Temperature Log

Check and record the temperature of your fridge and freezer each day to ensure that chilled and frozen food is being safely stored at the correct temperature.

Food Preparation & Temperature Log

Food Preparation & Temperature Log

Check and record best before/use by dates, core temperatures of food and preparation methods to ensure food is cooked, cooled and reheated safely.

Hand Washing Poem & Poster

Hand washing poem  Hand washing poster

Share with children and display in your setting to remind everyone about the importance of washing our hands.

Cooking Safety Rules Poster

Cooking Safety Rules

Colourful poster to display and remind children how to keep safe when cooking or helping in the kitchen.

Safer Food Guidelines

Safer Food Guidelines

All the principle guidelines of food hygiene and storage on one sheet. Perfect for easy reference in the kitchen and an excellent resource to share with family members, staff or assistants to ensure that everyone works together to keep your kitchen safe and clean.


Also included…

Healthy Eating Policy & Food Safety Policy

These policies are also included in the Policies & Procedures Pack.

Healthy Packed Lunch Suggestions

Packed Lunch Suggestions

If children are required to bring a packed lunch to your setting, this handy informative sheet is an excellent resource to share with parents to support them in providing healthy choices.

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The menu planner, allergen questionnaire, allergy and intolerance checker, allergen menu checker, recipe cards, fridge/freezer temperature log and food preparation log are supplied as PDF Forms. Simply save to your computer then click in each area to enter information, or print out and fill in by hand.

The Food Safety,Healthy Eating Policy and sample meal & snack list are supplied as Microsoft Word Documents and can be edited as required to suit your business.

All other resources in this pack are supplied as standard PDF files and are not editable.

The download version of this pack is supplied as two ZIP FILES. Please see the FAQ page for further information.