Development Rainbows (Prime Areas)


A simple and attractive solution for tracking children’s development from 0 to 12 years!
Also suitable for NURSERY settings!

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A simple and attractive solution for tracking children’s development from 0 to 12 years!

Whilst the Development Rainbows are based on the Early Years Outcomes and the EYFS, the development statements and milestones covered are relevant to children EVERYWHERE! Excellent for adding to children’s folders, displaying in your setting or sharing with children, parents and inspectors, they are the perfect resource to demonstrate how you are monitoring, tracking and supporting learning.

The Rainbows in this pack cover the prime areas of learning:

  • Personal, Social & Emotional
  • Communication & Language
  • Physical Development
For Specific Learning Areas please see Development Rainbows (Specific Areas).


Provided as PDF Forms, you can simply click to mark each outcome achieved with a star and add dates if desired. Alternatively, you can print out and colour as each development milestone is reached.

Boy and Girl versions of Development Rainbows are provided for the following age groups:

0 to 18 months_BOY
0 to 18 months

(Note: This development rainbow is also included in the Baby Care Pack)



18 to 36 months_GIRL  3 to 5 years_BOY

6 to 8 years_GIRL  8 to 12 years_BOY

The attractive design makes them excellent for sharing with parents and children who will be proud to see their achievements and progression. Add them to the start of each child’s learning journal to provide a progress summary or use with the front covers also supplied and keep together in an organised file.




Completed examples also included! (One digitally completed and one hand completed)

EXAMPLE StarsEXAMPLE Hand Coloured

The development rainbows have been designed to provide quicker simplified method to record progress. The Prime Areas of development are shown on one sheet for each age group.

A solution for childcarers who provide care to a large number of children or for part-time or school children whose learning will primarily be recorded elsewhere.

Please see the Further Details tab above for file format and supply information.


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£3.25 – Add to Cart Includes 20% tax


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The Development Rainbows are supplied as PDF Forms. Simply save to your computer or tablet then click to mark outcomes with a star. Dates can also be added if desired. (Select ‘highlight existing fields’ in your pdf viewer to see where to click).

If you find that you are unable to click into the forms to add text within the designated fields or make the stars appear then you may need to install a PDF viewer that supports the use of forms. Please refer to the Help page for further information.

Alternatively, you can print out and colour as each development milestone is reached.

The download version of this pack is supplied as a ZIP FILE. Please see the Help page for further information.