🌟NEW Self-Evaluation & Improvement Plans

NEW Self-Evaluation & Improvement Plans

‘How are we doing?’, ‘How do we know?’ and ‘What are we going to do now?’

These are all questions that we must ask ourselves when reflecting on the quality of our provision and planning for improvements.

Our NEW Self-Evaluation & Improvement Plans can be used to Check Core Assurances, Brainstorm Ideas and Mind Map your way around key questions /  judgement areas before putting together Improvement Plans for your service.

For providers in SCOTLAND – Evaluate your service in relation to the Care Inspectorate’s Quality Framework’s key questions and quality indicators:

Self-Evaluation & Improvement Plan (SCOTLAND)1

For providers in ENGLAND – Evaluate your service in relation to Ofsted’s Early years inspection handbook’s key judgement areas and grade descriptors:

Self-Evaluation & Improvement Plan (ENGLAND)

A perfect support tool for self-evaluation and preparing for inspection!

Includes ALL of the following:

✅Core Assurances Checklist

Work through the checklist of Core Assurances to ensure you have all the essentials covered. These are minimum assurances that need to be in place to ensure safety and wellbeing and will be looked at on inspection.


🗺️Evaluation Mind Maps

Refer to the Evaluation Mind Maps to gather your thoughts for each key question and aspect of your service. Think about the ideas provided or add your own.

🧠Quality Indicator / Key Judgement Brainstorms

Use the Quality Indicator Brainstorm sheets to evaluate key questions / judgements  for your service and note down ideas using the format of ‘How are we doing?’, ‘How do we know?’ and ‘What are we going to do now?’ 

QI Brainstorms

🌟Improvement Plans

Put together Improvement Plans for core assurances and for each of the key questions and quality indicators. Include the outcome of your evaluations, the actions you are going to take and the timeframe for which you aim to complete them.

Improvement Plans

🎬Action Summary

Summarise everything you plan to achieve in an Action Summary. Display in your setting or share with your service users, keeping everyone informed and including them with your plans for improvement.


Also Includes:

✔️(General) Self-Evaluation Assessment and Improvement Plan Review Sheets

General Self-Evaluation

✔️Self-Evaluation and Improvement Cover


✔️Completed Examples

Make use of all template styles OR select the ones best suited to your style of working and the time you have available. 

Download, print and complete by hand OR use your device to enter information before printing, saving or sharing digitally.

👉🏽Find full details of the Self-Evaluation & Improvement Plan (SCOTLAND) HERE

👉🏽Find full details of the Self-Evaluation & Improvement Plan (ENGLAND) HERE

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