Anti-Bullying Week

Anti-Bullying Week
Next week (Monday 11th to Friday 15th November) is Anti-Bullying Week.

What do you do in your setting to raise awareness and teach children about the negative impact of bullying?

By teaching children about feelings and emotions from an early age and celebrating that we are all unique we can reinforce positive messages, supporting children to build friendships and improve self-esteem.

This year’s theme from the Anti-Bullying Alliance is ‘Change Starts With Us‘ aims to make a big difference by tackling bullying with small changes and encouraging schools, settings, children and parents to work together.

Find more information about Anti-Bullying Week on the Anti-Bullying Alliance website here.

More FREE Resources on the Bullying UK website here.

And watch CBBC’s anti-bullying clips here.

If you do not already have one, it is a good idea to have an Anti-Bullying Policy in place alongside a Behaviour Management and Child Protection / Safeguarding Policy. These policies will  help define the methods you use to help prevent anti-social behaviour and abuse from occurring within your setting and what action you would take to protect children in the event of such detrimental behaviour.

MindingKids Policies & Procedures Pack includes templates for all of these policies which can be edited as required to suit your setting.Policies & Procedures Pack




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