Get HOT on Sun Safety!

Sun Safety
Yikes it is HOT today!
Whilst sunny days are great for getting children out to play ALL childcare settings must be aware of the dangers of extreme heat and what we can do to keep children safe and comfortable. 
Here’s our TOP Tips…
  • Stay in the shade when possible – especially between 11am and 3pm when the sun is at it’s strongest. If you are playing outdoors, use play tents, parasols, or take advantage of shady spots to stay cool.
  • Cover up – Request for parents to dress children in loose cotton clothes, for example oversized t-shirts with sleeves that will help to protect shoulders. Using sun hats will help shade faces and eyes. Legionnaires style hats are particularly good for protecting the neck, an area prone to sunburn.
  • Use Sunscreen – Choose a sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 15, and at least 4 stars for UVA protection. Request that parents apply this to their child before they arrive at your setting and also for them to provide you with a supply so that you can help their child to re-apply regularly throughout the day.
  • Keep Hydrated – Children should have access to water throughout the day. Encourage more frequent drink breaks, especially when the weather is hot and when children have been running around. Remember to always take water with you when on outings and remind children to drink regularly.
  • Promote Sun Safety – Talk to children about staying safe in the sun and why it is so important and maybe make a sun safety rules poster. Remember that you are a role model. If you follow sun-safety rules, children are far more likely to follow suit.
It is also a good idea to keep parents informed about what policies and procedures you follow in order to keep children safe and comfortable…

Find a Sun Protection Policy template in our Policies & Procedures Pack

Policies & Procedures Pack

and use our Confirmation of Information & Preferences form within our Care Plans & Consents Pack to ensure parents are aware of the procedures you follow in certain circumstances including applying sunscreen to their child during hot / sunny weather.

Care Plans & Consents Pack

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