Sensory Rainbow


Unleash Sensory Fun & Learning! Help kids explore their 8 senses, create a sensory-friendly space, and identify potential processing difficulties. This vibrant resource includes: Engaging posters, personalised learning tools, and a support strategy planner.

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Help children understand their senses and create a sensory-friendly environment.

This vibrant resource explores the eight sensory systems and empowers you to identify potential sensory processing difficulties.

What’s Included:

  • Our Sensory Rainbow Poster: A colourful and informative display that introduces the eight sensory systems and how they help us explore the world.
  • Sensory Support Rainbow: A quick reference guide to identify potential sensory processing difficulties.
  • My Sensory Support Rainbow: Personalise learning for each child! Explore their likes, dislikes, comforts, distresses, and what makes them feel calm, happy, excited, or overwhelmed. (Example Included)
  • My Sensory Likes & Dislikes: Discover what brings each child joy and identify potential sensitivities or areas of discomfort. (Examples Included)
  • My Sensory Support Strategies: Develop a personalised plan to support each child’s sensory needs.

Sensory Rainbow 1

The Benefits: 

  • Embrace Sensory Differences: Foster inclusivity by acknowledging how we all experience the world differently.
  • Identify Sensory Processing Difficulties: Learn to recognise potential sensory sensitivities or under-sensitivities in children.
  • Personalised Support: Create custom “My Sensory Support Rainbow” sheets for each child, highlighting their unique sensory preferences and needs.
  • Actionable Strategies: Use the “My Sensory Support Strategies” sheet to brainstorm and document effective support techniques for each child.

🌟Bonus! Refer to our companion resource, Sensory Support Sheets for detailed support ideas!

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Download today to unlock a world of personalised sensory support for all children in your care!

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£3.75 – Add to Cart Includes 20% tax

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Get the most out of your downloadable Sensory Rainbows:

  • Fill and Save: The Sensory Rainbows come as PDF files. While you can’t edit the design itself, many free PDF viewers let you type directly into designated fields. These include “My Sensory Rainbow,” “Sensory Likes & Dislikes,” and “Support Strategies.” Check out the Adobe website for tips on filling and signing PDFs online.
  • Print and Personalise: For a hands-on approach, simply print the rainbow sheets! Fill them out by hand and display them in your learning environment or add them to children’s learning folders for easy reference.

No matter your preferred method, these Sensory Rainbows will be a valuable tool in understanding children’s sensory needs!