All About Colours Poster Display


Create interest with this bright display and help children to learn about and recognise colours.
Includes COLOUR Snap Cards and COLOUR Worksheet for more shape learning fun!
Also suitable for use in nurseries and large care groups!

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This bright display will create interest in your setting and help children to learn about and recognise colours.

Use as individual posters or assemble together to create a fascinating display.

Includes posters for each of the primary and secondary colours, the colour wheel, colour mixing and colour tone, plus colour types detailing warm and cool colours, complimentary colours and neutral / earth tones.

Blue orangecolour wheel_COLOUREDcolour mixing warm & cool

Blank versions of the colour wheel, colour mixing and colour types posters are also included along with cut and stick sheets to enable you to create an interactive display and involve children by letting them stick the parts together in the correct way.

colour wheel_BLANKcolour wheel_NAMEDcolour mixing_BLANK colour mixing_COLOUR INwarm & cool_BLANKwarm & cool_COLOUR IN

cut & stick splats cut & stick wheel

MindingKids recommends that sheets are laminated before cutting to enable the splats / shapes to be used again and again. Velcro coins / blue tac may be used to stick the shapes onto the blank posters. Please note that laminating / sticking materials are not supplied with this resource.

Also included in this pack:

  • Colour Worksheet

    After looking at the posters, test children’s knowledge of colours with this colour worksheet. Give them a colour to write about or let them choose their favourite colour and tell you what they know about it.

Colour Worksheet

  • Colour Snap Cards

    Great for playing games with younger children, these cards can be used to promote colour and word recognition. Play snap with the coloured splats and the objects or words, Play memory games by taking turns to turn over pairs of cards to see if they match or simply spread out all of the cards on the floor and see if children can group them correctly into their splat, word and object sets.

    Again MindingKids recommends cards are laminated to improve durability.

Snap Cards Snap Cards-Names Snap Cards-Objects

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£2.75 – Add to Cart Includes 20% tax

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Each PDF sheet is A4 in size. Assembling as per the product image would result in a display approximately 70cm x 90cm. You may decide to assemble your display in an alternative arrangement to suit your setting and space available.

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