Shine On Indoors!☔Free Rainy Day Activities

Rainy Day Activity Ideas

☔Rainy Day Blues Got You Down?

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The pitter-patter on the roof… the chorus of “I’m bored!”… Yep, rainy days can test even the most resourceful childcare provider.
We know the importance of keeping children active and learning, even when stuck inside. That’s why we have added some Rainy Day activity inspiration to our Free Resource collection!

Bursting with creative and educational indoor play ideas

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Rainy Day Activity Ideas


Don’t Forget the Power of Nature (Even on Rainy Days!)

Rainy days present a perfect opportunity to explore the benefits of indoor creativity however outdoor play is crucial for young children’s development. When the sun shines, be sure to take advantage of nature’s playground!

The Benefits of Outdoor Play & Exploring Nature:

  • Physical Development: Builds gross motor skills and promotes healthy growth with fresh air and sunshine.
  • Cognitive Development: Encourages exploration, curiosity, and problem-solving skills with rich sensory experiences.
  • Social and Emotional Development: Fosters social skills and teaches empathy and care for the environment.
  • Mental Wellbeing: Reduces stress and anxiety, promotes relaxation, and improves focus.

Looking for more ways to bring the outdoors in?

Check out our Outdoor Play Activity Ideas Sheet and Minibeasts Activity Pack for additional inspiration!

With a little planning and our treasure trove of resources, you can turn any day, rainy or sunny, into a learning adventure for the children in your care.

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