New Childminding Resources

The latest resources to help childminders and other childcare professionals focus on the kids instead of the paperwork!

MindingKids MEGA Pack

Get all of our downloads in one easy purchase -- every single form, policy, tracker, calendar and planning file we sell!

Monkey Puzzle Activity Pack

Designed to complement the story Monkey Puzzle, this exciting activity pack can be used with or without the story to support learning about animals, body parts and physical appearance, whilst also building on literacy and vocabulary skills.

Five Senses Activity Pack

Bursting full with activities this pack will help children to learn all about our five senses and how we can explore the world through sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell!

Care Inspectorate Registration Visit – EXAMPLE ANSWERS to your inspector’s questions

Applying to register as a childminder in Scotland? Feel prepared and get a good idea of the types of questions your Care Inspectorate inspector might ask you.

Sports And Leisure Activity Pack

Perfect for supporting active and healthy lifestyles, this pack enables children to learn about different sport and leisure activities whilst considering their own interests, exploring emotions and playing lots of fun games to promote vocabulary skills.

All About Schemas Sheets

What are Schemas? …and how can we use them in our planning to support children’s learning and development? These sheets explain how to spot them, why they are important and include activity suggestions for each type.

Over In The Meadow Activity Pack

Designed to complement the story Over In The Meadow, this exciting activity pack can be used with or without the story to support learning about animals, numbers, actions, noises, habitats and nature whilst also building on literacy and vocabulary skills.

Snack Selector Cards

Use this colourful resource pack to involve children at snack time and let them choose what they would like to eat. Show parents and inspectors how you support children with healthy eating and involve them with menu planning.

Mother’s Day Certificate

Let children award their mum with this FREE fun certificate on Mother’s Day!