Learning Journals – Scotland


Create personalised learning journeys aligned with Realising the Ambition, the Curriculum for Excellence and Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC). Effectively monitor and document progress in a way that best suits your workflow and each child’s unique needs.

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This downloadable resource pack is specifically designed for registered childcare providers in Scotland. Providers in England should refer to Learning Journals – England / Providers in Wales should refer to Learning Journals – Wales.

Create Personalised Learning Journeys for Every Child in Your Care!

Registered child care providers in Scotland are required to follow the principles set out in Realising the Ambition – the National practice guidance for early years in Scotland, the Curriculum for Excellence and Scotland’s national approach to improving outcomes for children – Getting It Right For Every Child (GIRFEC)

This downloadable pack empowers you to effectively monitor and document development progress in a way that best suits your workflow and each child’s unique needs.

Tailored for You, Tailored for Them

Our structured yet flexible approach lets you:

  • Personalise learning records for each child’s unique needs.
  • Capture details at your preferred level.
  • Choose recording methods that suit you best (digital or print).

Use as individual sheets, assemble a folder, or create digital portfolios – the choice is yours!

Maximise Flexibility and Control

  • Select specific sections to best support each child’s progress.
  • Maintain complete control over information recording.

Everything You Need:

⭐User Guide:  Get clear instructions on using each section of the pack.

⭐Personalised Covers: Select boy or girl options, and add photos or drawings for a special touch.

learning journal boy learning journal girl

⭐Collaborative Planning: Develop shared goals with parents through clear learning journal review plans.

Review Plan

⭐”All About Me” Section: Gather valuable background information from parents to inform learning strategies.

All About Me All About Me All About Me

Versions for 0 to 3 years and 3 years + provided. Ask parents to complete with child at home to collect important information and details which may influence a child’s learning and development. E.g. Family details, likes and dislikes, fears, general health, abilities, behaviour issues, etc.

⭐Development & Planning Tools: Monitor progress with regular assessments and plan next steps using provided sheets aligned with relevant curriculums.

Starting Points_Initial Assessment_RTASupport My Progress_RTA(1)

Versions provided for 0 to 3 years (Realising the Ambition) and 3 years plus (Curriculum for Excellence).

Sheets provided for Starting Points / Initial Assessment, Development Review and Support My Progress – brainstorm ideas and give parents inspiration of how they can support their child’s learning at home.

⭐Observation Records: Document specific activities and behaviours for deeper insights. Link to Realising the Ambition or Curriculum for Excellence development areas.

Observation Report_0 to 3 years_RTA

⭐Detailed Learning Folder Insert Sheets: Choose from blank, or detailed outcome sheets for recording learning milestones, and linking where desired to Interactions / Experiences / Spaces or specific learning outcomes.

Promoting my confidence, creativity and curiosity – BLANK_EXAMPLELiteracy Learning – TODDLER_EXAMPLELanguages & Literacy_EXAMPLE

Outcome Sheets are provided for:

  • Realising the Ambition
  • Curriculum for Excellence (Early Level)

⭐SHANARRI Insert & Review Sheets: Ensure you’re meeting GIRFEC requirements by easily monitoring each child’s wellbeing across the SHANARRI indicators. Add photos, drawings, and notes about activities that support each indicator. Simple and effective to demonstrate child well-being and support the GIRFEC approach.


Focus on What Matters:

We understand that every child learns differently. This pack provides a framework, not a rigid requirement. Focus on finding the method that best suits your workflow, the children in your care, and their families.

Build Strong Foundations for Every Child. Download your Learning Journals Pack today!

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Downloading and Using Your Learning Journals Pack

Easy Download:

Your Learning Journals pack arrives as a convenient ZIP file. Most PCs and laptops can unzip files automatically. If you are using an alternative device or require further support, visit our Help page for step-by-step instructions.

Flexible Use:

All forms within the pack are in PDF format. You have these options:

  • Print and Write: Print the forms and complete them by hand.
  • Digital Completion: Use your computer or tablet to fill in the information before printing or sharing digitally with parents.

Need a PDF Editor?

If you can’t type directly into the forms, you might need a PDF viewer that allows form filling. Many free options are available. The Adobe website offers resources on filling and signing PDF forms (https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/signing-pdfs.html).

Tailored for Your Style

Minding Kids recognises that childcare providers have unique approaches to recording development. Some prefer detailed notes, while others favour a more concise style. We cater to both paper-based and digital workflows.

Matching Your Needs:

Different strategies might be used for each child. Age, learning stage, attendance frequency, and other factors can influence your approach. This pack offers flexibility to adapt to your specific needs.

Complementary Resources:

We understand that this Learning Journals pack might be one piece of your larger strategy. Minding Kids offers a variety of downloadable resources and the Minding Kids App to complement your approach.

Finding the Perfect Fit:

Ultimately, the goal is to find techniques that work best for you, your setting, and most importantly, the children and families you care for. We hope you find this pack a valuable addition to your learning and development support strategy.