Care Inspectorate Self-Assessment Form – EXAMPLE Answers


Whilst the Care Inspectorate Self-Assessment Form is no longer in use, providers are expected to demonstrate how they self-evaluate and action plan. Use these EXAMPLE Answers to consider all areas of your provision and where improvements could be made.

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Whilst the Care Inspectorate Self-Assessment Form is no longer in use, providers are expected to demonstrate how they self-evaluate and action plan. You may find that working through the sections and example answers in this form will help you to consider various aspects of your service and where there is room for improvement.
Finding your Self-Assessment Form a little overwhelming? Stuck on what to write?

Use these EXAMPLE Self-Assessment Form Answers to inspire you and give you an idea on the type of information you may wish to include in each section.

As a registered childminder in Scotland, you are required to complete a Self-Assessment Form each year.

The purpose of a Self-Assessment is to reflect on your service. It is important that you recognise your strengths and areas in which you perform well. You must also be able to highlight areas where improvements can be made so as you can plan and make changes to further enhance the quality of your service. The Care Inspectorate also require to see how you involve parents, families and any staff you employ in your self-assessment process.

The EXAMPLE Answers given in this document cover all the following topics:

  • Service User Participation
  • Identifying Needs / Personal Plans
  • Equal Opportunities & Diversity (Including multicultural resources & promoting equality awareness)
  • Promoting British Values *NEW*
  • Special Educational Needs & Disabilities
  • Routines & Activities
  • Relationships, Trust and Support
  • Meeting Nutritional Needs & Supporting Healthy Lifestyles (Including Allergen Information)
  • Developing Independence
  • Safeguarding & Child Protection
  • Safety Awareness
  • Promoting Positive Behaviour
  • Use, Storage & Administration Of Medication
  • Safe, Hygienic, Smoke Free, Clean and Tidy Environment
  • Best Use of Space / Environment
  • Homely Environment
  • Minimising the Spread of Infection
  • Sharing Information about Accidents & Incidents
  • Changes Since Last Inspection
  • Keeping Up to Date with Best Practice & Legislation
  • Identifying Training Needs and Service Development
  • Service Evaluation
  • Feedback, Concerns & Complaints

Plus the following topics for providers who work with an assistant or other staff:

  • Staff Involvement
  • Safe Recruitment Of Staff
  • Meeting Children’s Needs/Monitoring Staff Practice/Supervision
  • Staff Development & Support

Please Note: The Self-Assessment Answers given in this document are EXAMPLES and should be used only as guidance to help you with ideas for each section. Please do not copy them! You will need to create your own answers which are unique to your setting and the users of your service.


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This item has been carefully designed to assist childcarers in meeting Scottish Care Inspectorate requirements! Whilst the answers have been created from a childminding perspective, much of the information may also be of interest to nurseries and other early years settings.


The purpose of this document is to give you some ideas of the type of information you may wish to include in your Self-Evaluation. These are EXAMPLE answers which are by no means conclusive, please do not copy them! Only you can decide what information you wish to include and what is important and relevant to your service.