CPD Record & Planning Pack


This pack will allow you to put together a comprehensive portfolio of your Continuing Professional Development ready to show on inspection and assist you in assessing what further learning and training would benefit you and your setting.

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Continuing Professional Development is a requirement of all childcare professionals to ensure their knowledge, skills and training meets requirements and is up to date.

Professionals must be able to review and assess their own CPD and evident any activities they have undertaken and any changes they have made as a result in order to improve or enhance the quality of their service.

This pack will allow you to put together a comprehensive portfolio ready to show on inspection and assist you in assessing your own CPD so as you can plan future training.

This pack includes all of the following:

    • Introduction and User Guide – Explains the importance of Continuing Professional Development, it’s benefits and how to use the documents in this pack.
    • Cover Sheet and Certificate Cover – Keep all of your CPD Record, Training and Analysis information together in an organised folder.
    • Essential Training Guide – Check the essential training you are required to have as a professional childcare provider and how often you should refresh this training.
    • Record Of Continuing Professional Development Training Completed To Date – Record any CPD you have undertaken to date.
    • Continuing Professional Development –Review – Assess whether or not your knowledge, skills and training are up to date and meet requirements. Identify areas where further learning would benefit your service or where training requires to be refreshed.
    • Continuing Professional Development – Action Plan – Following on from your review, make a plan of how you are going to undergo the training you require or gain further knowledge and skills in the areas you have identified.
    • Continuing Professional Development – Activity Evaluation – Reflect on any CPD activity that you undertake. Note down what you have learned and how you might put this into practice. Make an action plan of what changes you will make as a result of the activity and what you might do next.
    • Continuing Professional Development – Annual Planner – Organise and record which CPD activities you have done or will do throughout the year. Note down any training/workshops, reading/research, professional discussions or any other activities undertaken to enhance your knowledge and skills. Remind yourself to book courses, refresh training and plan ahead. Remember to update your self-assessment regularly with any new training and skills.

PLUS completed examples!

CoverRecord Of CPDCPD ReviewCPD Action PlanCPD Activity EvaluationAnnual CPD Chart

Further Details

The Introduction and User Guide and the Essential Training Guide are supplied as standard PDF files. All other documents in this pack are supplied as PDF forms. Simply click in each area to add and edit information as you require or, if you prefer, print out and fill in by hand.

The download version of this pack is supplied as a ZIP FILE. Please see the FAQ page for further information.  

£4.25 – Add to Cart Includes 20% tax


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