The Enormous Turnip Activity Pack


Designed to complement the story The Enormous Turnip, this exciting activity pack can be used with or without the story to support learning about people, animals, colours and numbers, whilst also building on literacy and vocabulary skills.

Designed to complement the story The Enormous Turnip, this exciting activity pack from Kids Club English can be used to support children’s learning in a variety of ways. Use with or without the story to support learning about people, animals, colours and numbers, whilst also building on literacy and vocabulary skills.

Following activities in the pack, children will also develop fine motor skills through colouring, tracing, cutting and sticking to create the various crafts whilst being encouraged to listen, follow instructions and develop social skills.

This pack includes ALL of the following:

  • Storytelling Cards – Use as an alternative to the book or for a change of focus when re-telling the story using a more interactive approach. Suggested questions given on the prompt cards will allow you to further involve children whilst also provide further opportunity for key language focus and comprehension checks.
  • Colouring Sheets – Choose from a variety of sheets depending on ability and learning focus. Use the activity suggestions for extended learning ideas, focusing on colour, number or word recognition.
  • Counting Sheets – Featuring characters from the story, three types of worksheet provide fun ways for children to practice counting, number and writing skills.
  •  Numbers Jigsaw – Choose from a variety of jigsaw templates depending on the level of difficulty required. Follow the activity suggestions to create more learning fun with a scavenger hunt, jigsaw race or jigsaw craft.
  • Story Wheel Craft – Telling the story in 16 images, the story wheel provides opportunities to focus learning on numbers, colours and key language from the story. Follow the activity suggestions for more learning and development ideas.
  • Sequencing Fan – Four types of template are provided depending on learning focus and ability. Involve children in the preparation of the craft to develop fine motor skills then use the completed fans to re-tell the story or for more focused learning as per the activity suggestions.
  • Display Crafts – Children can get creative and use the templates provided to create a colourful wall or washing line display.
  • Roleplay masks / Puppets – Use the wide selection of templates provided to help children create masks or puppets of the characters and animals from the story which can then be used to re-tell the story, allowing the children to take on the character roles.
  • Writing Paper – Use the templates provided for writing practice, creative writing or drawing fun.
  • Matching Cards – Use these cards to play fun matching and memory games.
  • Mini-Cards – Mini Cards can be used to play more matching and memory games as well as developing word recognition and literacy skills.
  • Flash Cards –  Use in a variety of ways to introduce and practice new language, develop literacy skills or as visual prompts for language games.
Detailed instructions, activity suggestions and descriptions for each section ALSO INCLUDED!

The above image shows just a small selection of what is provided in this pack. The entire pack contains 221 pages of information and resource templates!

Please note the Enormous Turnip story is not provided with this resource but is available in major book stores.  

Visit the Kids Club English Website for more Enormous Turnip Story videos, Songs & Crafts!

Further Details

This activity pack is supplied as a PDF file and is not editable.

Please note that parts of this resource require to be printed and self assembled. For best results MindingKids recommends that you laminate flash / mini / matching cards for improved durability. Laminating materials are not included.

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