Coronavirus – FINAL UPDATES?🤔

Coronavirus Updates

Following the lifting of rules and restrictions throughout the UK, we have updated our Coronavirus resources

…hopefully for the final time! 🤞🏻

Whilst the threat of the pandemic is easing, it is important to remain aware of the risks and do what we can to protect those who are vulnerable.

It is vital that we continue to exchange information with parents and families and clearly communicate the procedures we are following within our settings.

Download our FREE Coronavirus Information Sheet to share essential information about Coronavirus, where to find the latest government advice, and explain the procedures your setting will follow to minimise risk and disruption:

Display our FREE Please KEEP your child at HOME if…POSTER to remind parents and carers of your illness procedures and when they must keep children at home. Help to prevent the spread of infection in your setting and keep EVERYONE safe!

Consider the additional risks and set out safety measures with our Coronavirus Risk Assessment template: 

Coronavirus Risk Assessment

And clearly communicate your setting procedures with our Coronavirus Policy template:

Policies & Procedures Pack

Edit the information sheet, risk assessment and policy templates as you require to suit your setting and circumstances! 

Refer to our Coronavirus Hot Topic for further links to Covid-19 guidance and resources.

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