NEW 2020 Activity Planner!

Activity Planner 2020

2020 is fast approaching!

Use this handy Activity Planner to PLAN and PREPARE for 2020!

Activity Planner 2020

See the whole year on just one A4 sheet!

Schedule topics, themes and celebrations for the entire year or note down as you go to remind you of what you have covered.

Includes list of 2020 special dates and festivals! 

Plus room to write down birthdays or other special events. 
Completed example included. 

Find FULL details HERE!

Also included in the Activity Planning Pack – A comprehensive pack to brainstorm ideas and plan activities around a topic or theme.


And 👀 Keep your eyes PEELED 👀 …

2020 Multicultural Calendar

The MindingKids 2020 Multicultural Calendar is COMING SOON! 

Perfect for long term planning and teaching children about festivals, cultures, traditions and awareness days from all over the world!

All resources are available individually or become a MindingKids Member for UNLIMITED access to EVERYTHING!

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